Architectural Thinking for Intelligent Systems, Assignment 9 solved

2022.01.25 08:27 Jarviscodinghub Architectural Thinking for Intelligent Systems, Assignment 9 solved

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2022.01.25 08:27 timmychook What is your 2 cents opinion?

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2022.01.25 08:27 apexmars What's your favorite "utility NFT" project you've seen so far?

I like what Veefriends, Bored Ape, and Adidas are doing. What else am I missing?
A simple jpeg just doesn't cut it imo.
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2022.01.25 08:27 AzJusticiar "If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?" No Country for Old Men, an analysis of the nature of INTJs and how to verbal type them - Part 1
Anton Chigurh (the INTJ) sits on an armchair with a shotgun in his lap pointed at the crotch of Carson Welles (the ISTP), taken hostage and sitting a few feet away, helpless. While both are killers for hire, experts in their fields, their approaches and ultimately their fates are determined in ways that can be clearly seen in their types. While both of these types (INTJ and ISTP) are known for their "lone wolf" approaches, Anton's methodical and systematic yet unpredictable and free-flowing approach is contrasted by Carson's own direct, improvisational yet orderly and logical methods.
INTJs - The triple pragmatic type
INTJs are what's called triple pragmatic types because the of the 4 sides of the mind of an INTJ (INTJ, ESFP, ENTP, ISFJ), the first 3 bear pragmatic Temperaments (NT, SP, NT, SJ) refer to type grid below for more info. A pragmatic temperament focuses on the ends, and believes they justify the means. In contrast affiliative temperaments believe that the correct end is obtained by doing the "right" means. INTJs are 2 of the only triple pragmatic types (the other being ENTJ), meaning they carry this belief to an extreme. We will see more of this behaviour in the scene analysis below.
Overview of types
INTJ - Anton Chirgurh
Functions: (Ni Hero, Te Parent, Fi Child, Se Inferior, Ne Nemesis, Ti Critic, Fe Trickster, Si Demon)
Temperaments: (NT, SP, NT, SJ)
Interaction Styles: (Finisher, Starter, Starter, Support)
ISTP - Carson Wells
Functions: (Ti Hero, Se Parent, Ni Child, Fe Inferior, Te Nemesis, Si Critic, Ne Trickster, Fi Demon)
Temperaments: (SP, NF, SJ, NF)
Interaction Styles: (Finisher, Structure, Structure, Support)
Refer to type grid for more info:
Scene Analysis
WELLS: We don't have to do this. I'm a daytrader. I could just go home. (We see Ni child here being naive and innocent e.g. childish, about his desires and possibilities for his future. Ni being ones own wants, future and possibilities)
CHIGURH: You could. (Ne nemesis has no intention of letting this happen but is toying with the innocent child. We see the nemesis - child functional relationship. Imagine the big bad nemesis to your hero in your story meeting a child.)
WELLS: Make it worth your while. Take you to an ATM, there's 14 grand init. Then everybody just walks away. (Interest based thinking rather than systematic. Wells is trying to create a win-win incentive for Chigurh to let him go. But the systematic INTJ of Chigurh made up his mind a long time ago, his procedure won't change. Because that is how he does things, his system)
CHIGURH: An ATM?. (More toying from Chigurh)
WELLS: I know where the satchel is. (Wells snaps out of his child function grip and the anxiety of the situation causes him to regress back to his own nemesis function in his unconscious. Te nemesis, the facts. In his ESTJ unconscious, he is desperately trying to regain control, structure interaction style, of the situation)
CHIGURH: If you knew you would have it with you. (Chigurh counters his attempt to use Te with his own function Ti critic. Chigurh is logically being critical of the facts. At the same time he channels his Ne nemesis, if you.)
WELLS: I can find it from the riverbank. I know where it is. (Some more Ni child being naive. Wells also shifts to Ti hero here. You can identify this shift because logic is introduced. I know where it is, therefore I can find it from the riverbank.)
CHIGURH: I know something better. (Immediately upon feeling Ti hero start to kick into gear, Te parent comes out to face the challenge.)
WELLS: What's that. (Ti hero)
CHIGURH: I know where it's going to be. (A shift into an aspired Se inferior. Incredibly powerful function as all aspired inferiors are. Se dictates the physical environment. Chigurh is showing he has already imposed his will (Ni), his future on the world, and it will do as he wills it.)
WELLS: You don't know to a certainty. Twenty minutes it could be here. (A feeble attempt to fight off Ni hero and Se aspired with Ne trickster. Ne trickster is blind to future possibilities and it shows here as Wells is basically suggesting that the impossible might happen.)
CHIGURH: I do know to a certainty. And you know whats gonna happen now Carson?. You should admit to your situation. There would be more dignity in it. (Lots to breakdown here. First, the Ne trickster counter is shot down immediately, followed up by some more Se aspired posturing. Se aspired clearly sees what is happening in the immediate moment. And it suggests to Carson's compatible function, Si critic, what its responsibility is in order to participate in this world Ni hero has created. Additionally he imposes his own morality, Fi child, on this comment. Which is also naive and innocent. ie. thinking that maintaining dignity over death is some kind of moral high ground.
WELLS: You go to hell. (Si critic never takes shit. It is always critical of its "duty", and would much rather have its own way. He rebels against the authority immediately, even if being critical is not the best option. One could also argue Wells own Fe inferior has woken up. You go to hell could be interpreted as an ethical statement revealing the truth to Chirgurhs "morality")
CHIGURH: Mmmh. Alright.
CHIGURH: Let me ask you something. If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule? (Triple pragmatic yet systematic at the same time. The "rules" being the flesh and bone of a system, however if the system that those rules create cannot achieve the desired end result, those rules are discarded.)
To be continued...
If you want more scene analyses, feel free to suggest one in the comments below
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2022.01.25 08:27 tankietank How does someone profit of the college industrial complex?

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2022.01.25 08:27 Alexcritical9351 superman hate

Superman is fucking boring anyway. Oh hi I am SUPERMAN and I can literally do FUCKING EVERYTHING. I once made the mistake and bought a superman comic and it was so fucking ridiculous and cringe I quit DC as fast as I joined it. Oh No ThEsE pEoPlE aRe DrOwNiNg In A bOiLiNg HoT sEa. Ima build a huge ass scoop as large as a house in like 0.00001 seconds out of perfectly cut sheet metal that just happens to lie around here. Like how can a comic be exciting and tense when the main character is literally invincible and has no dangers to face. Look at spiderman. Thats a superhero done fucking perfectly.
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2022.01.25 08:27 No-Twist-849 Crawford

Has anybody noticed one of the BlackBerry business buildings in Waterloo which always had a giant “blackberry” sign now says “Crawford”. I’ve tried to lookup Crawford and found some sort of claims and loss business and tech site.
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2022.01.25 08:27 NextAvocado1 How to check if a banknote is not counterfeit?

I sold a laptop on tori and the buyer insisted on paying by cash (400€). I didn't think much at that point but later I read that the counterfeit currency has increased in Finland and its somewhat common scam on tori.
Now I'm a bit afraid to used these notes anywhere because I don't want to face embarrassment or get in any legal trouble if they are not real. Is there any place where I can check if they are real?
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2022.01.25 08:27 R3DNEGAN Just diagnosed today(UK)

I’ve gotta have surgery I’m on the waiting list so likely 3-4 months he said. I’ve never been put under and being open about this, I’m shitting myself. I’ve always been scared of general, the thought of not waking up terrifies me. I’m aware that if I don’t have the surgery I’ll die anyway eventually.
My ear is pushed right into my ear, I’ve lost a lot of hearing and my good ear(left) is also at risk due to my tubes being problematic. My right ear drum is so pushed back it didn’t response at all to the pressure test. I don’t really know how to feel about all this to be honest.
I’m aware of this disease and always thought with the symptoms it’ll be a possibility but I guess a part of me was hoping it was something else. I have suffered from ear infections in the past, 1 per year as a rough estimate but the past 6 months I’ve had weird ear discharge that didn’t go away and a weird distance that looked like skin on the cotton bud. Daily symptoms are leakage(Now bloody) 15-20% decreased hearing. Itchy ear from leakage most likely.
Fuck sake.
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2022.01.25 08:27 cdett11 Chiefs vs the world

Love the support from all over. Pretty much the entire NFL wants us to win, just so the Chiefs don't make the super bowl. So much support, that if there was a poor call that cost the Chiefs the game, I don't think anyone would bat an eye. I can already envision their fans crying about it for years, yet everyone will tell them it was a fair call.
After all, bad calls/no calls wasn't an issue when they faced the saints. Except that one pissed America off.
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2022.01.25 08:27 drolra Camera Issues After Patch

Every time I zone into a new area, the camera is fixated on my ass/the sky (i.e. Up at the maximum level). Any idea where the setting to fix this is?
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2022.01.25 08:27 Hogwarts_Earth2 New York Maskless

Last night the NY Supreme Court ruled that the governor could no longer enforce masks in school. This decision is being appealed. In the their infinite wisdom my district sent an email about immediately saying mask will still be worn until the appeals are done only to send an email in the middle of the night that masks are now optional for students and staff. It's going to be an interesting morning.
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