Does the cross gem version allow ps5 to play with Xbox 1?

2021.12.05 20:29 FoxFalcon573 Does the cross gem version allow ps5 to play with Xbox 1?

I posted this yesterday and got the answer that ultimate addition allows this, however since that is the most expensive version of the game, it would help if cross ten does the same thing
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2021.12.05 20:29 Treemurphy a word meaning "not teenage" or "older than teenage"

"adult" doesnt work due to including 18/19. whats a word for people specifically 20 and up?
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2021.12.05 20:29 SpaceMyopia [no spoilers] OC- "For Powder" Prismacolor Pencil on Aged Paper.

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2021.12.05 20:29 PhilattheGame2 Bellanor - Breast Cancer Awareness

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2021.12.05 20:29 toxic_dude22 The Muse Universe Timeline (first two albums and 2nd law were difficult to analyse as they're not concept albums)

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2021.12.05 20:29 Jdotcurtis How do we feel about a 50 character roster?

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2021.12.05 20:29 Cultural_Database751 Opuszczona Plebania dawny dom księdza

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2021.12.05 20:29 Available_Peanut_458 My sister loves this drawing. It is a picture of a 7TH GRADER..... PRINTED OFF OF A FUCKING COMPUTER FROM THE LIBRARY.

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2021.12.05 20:29 Sirentrix I’m a little sad.

I feel a little sad. I don’t feel attractive and the guy I like doesn’t really flirt with me but occasionally waves his dick around for me to give him attention but I swear he purposely cums fast?? Which makes me feel worse about myself. I don’t wanna flirt with anyone else cause I’ll feel guilty. Why am I so stupid?!
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2021.12.05 20:29 heylouie Old rocking chair - anyone know what kind it is?

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2021.12.05 20:29 Amr_Sab will the developers add more genres ?

im a metal fan and the lack of popular metal songs annoys me, there are so many metal songs that could be added to the game and yet we got only "Du Hast" and a few songs like it ..
i just want more music diversity to the game, and for god sake "Cake by the ocean" isn't a damn rock song !
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2021.12.05 20:29 GeoffC93 Rampant Phone Theft on Regent Street - Beware of Zara

My girlfriend and I walked into Zara on Regent street this evening, parted ways to our respective Women's and Men's section.
5 minutes later, she comes back to me saying she's had her phone stolen right out of her jacket pocket (it was not visible - we're fairly diligent about this kind of stuff). We reported this to the staff and they went on about how we need to file a police report before we're able to view the CCTV footage. They also stated (nonchalantly) that cases like this happen at the store EVERYDAY.
Surely enough, as we're on the phone with the police, 3 other women (every 5-10 minutes) come to the front reporting the same thing. This happened gradually over the span of 30 minutes. One lady had her phone stolen out of her bag.
We tracked the lost phone with "Find My Phone" but it was too far gone at that point.
Theft is one thing - but the response by the staff and police (over the phone) has been abysmal - probably the worst part about this whole experience.
The officer on the phone said something along the lines of "Let me take down all your information. Wait, how do you know for sure it was stolen in the store? The 3 others that reported the exact same thing within the past 30 minutes don't count as evidence. Sorry, case closed".
Staff members were too busy tending to Christmas shoppers to even address the issue AS IT WAS HAPPENING. The front door security lady is standing at the storefront staring into outer space. It's infuriating to know this is all happening inside the store as we're on the phone with the police and Zara does absolutely nothing about it. Multiple thieves running about the store with no repercussions.
Avoid Zara or stay extremely cautious.
TLDR: Girlfriend's phone got stolen at Zara on Regent st. As we're on the phone with the police, 3 other women came to report the same thing every 5-10 minutes for the next 30-45 minutes. Zara acknowledged this happens several times a day. Does absolutely fuck all about it. Officers over the phone were rude and useless.
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2021.12.05 20:29 Bracelandvegas Cabin trip: had sex with a friend of a friend’s wife while everyone slept

Some background: i’m part of a college reunion friends group and we do these annual camping trips with people we were friends with in college and their families. This is a adult weekend with no kids where everyone gets to pretend they’re back in college, get drunk, play in the snow, cook relax and enjoy your weekend catching up on all times and reliving college times.
All the couples are fairly late back but most love to drink too much. Since I follow a strict lifestyle of dieting , exercising and training i’m only one of three guys still in shape from college. The rest have succumb to multiple children, dad bods and heavily drinking beer. The women on the other hand have not changed as much and have actually gotten better with age, Botox, cardio, and intermittent fasting that includes heavy drinking and not eating. The women in the group are fairly well behaved educated and easy-going with the exception of one particular black swan, we will call her Joy as she’s somewhat of a hippie granola farm to table kinda gal that leans liberal .
When I say black swan, I’m referring to someone that does not like to acknowledge people in a room, say hello and always has some snickering bratty comment about how people dress what they make for a living or how her kids are better than everyone else. She also happens to be a marathon runner with a killer body That she’s not afraid to show and small shorts and cut off T-shirts.
This particular weekend she was doing a little bit more drinking than usual. The other women were not able to keep up with her level of downing the glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. The course of continually drinking she was also very mouthy telling some other men how they were out of shape and needed to go back to the gym.
For some reason the level of back talking and her putting people down always get my dick hard. On this particular weekend I had no idea of what was to come my way. After a long night of drinking and playing Cards against humanity and some of her responses on the cards I was beginning to wonder was going on in her bedroom life that made her a bit angry and forward sexually.
As we continue playing the game I couldn’t help but watch her twirling her curly hair and Sip away on the Sauvignon Blanc her husband had brought to the cabin from their most recent winery trip they had taken. As the night wore on Couples started to retire To their rooms. On this particular visit I was not in a relationship decided to take a girl I had been seeing on/off. As we decided to retire hot tub a few couples also went to bed leaving me with my date, her, her husband and another couple.
As we all hit the hot tub, Joy’s husband thought it would be a good idea for everyone to take shots of patron, Which is something I do not like to drink so I resorted to having my wine. My date on the other hand along with the other men decided to take multiple shots. As the time went on I could tell almost everyone but me was drunk. As the patron kicked in I noticed her pick up her pace again with being bratty and putting down couples that have gone to bed. My date tried to play along for a while but soon joy told her she could help her train and meal prep if she wants to lose some weight. This did not sit well with my date and she asked me to go to bed. I went to bed trying to calm my date down By complementing her and telling her not to worry about Joy and her crazy behavior. But she was not very happy in my sexual advances rejected leaving me a bit frustrated And upset the Joy had just ruined my chances of getting laid.
What happened next I never thought would happen. I went to the bathroom an hour after all this happened and on my way back I discovered Joys husband passed out on the couch. This was the moment I decided that Joy was going to take my dick and I had to get her back for all the put downs that evening and putting down the men and my date about her weight (which was not an issue as she has a great yoga body for being a single mom).
Knowing that her husband had had too many drinks and he was never going to return to the room I decided it was my responsibility to give joy a little bit of payback and some pleasure at the same time. I snuck into the room removing my boxers to the floor Before sliding into their bed. What happened next I’m not sure she was talking to her husband for me. She said “have you had too much again or do you think you can fuck me with that medium size dick of yours”. To my surprise this made me very hard next reaction was to tug on her hair as I pulled her close with my left hand placed on her waist. She then responded with “what’s gotten into you little man, never seen a lady” . The entire time he kept quiet as I pulled her in placing my hand on her waist and feeling the lace strap Of her panties . She started to help me remove her panties as she reached for my now hard and pulsating dick that had been pulsating all night on and off by her off-color jokes remarks and put downs.
Removing her panties I forced my hand Inside her now dripping and wet pussy realizing this was The point of no return. My mind racing not knowing if she knew it was me I lifted her left leg slowly brushing my now hard cock against her wet pussy. With one slow stroke after another she guided my big cock inside of her vagina letting out a small sigh of relief and she whispered “I’ve needed this all week”. Trying to hold back pulled on her curly hair thrusting inside of her I couldn’t help but last no more than five minutes As I unloaded all of my cum inside this woman I never thought I’d fuck. As I was pumping vigorously she let out a shriek and tremble both climaxed together.
Coming to a realization that I had just unloaded all of my seed inside black swan that was putting everyone down all night made me feel I had conquered something strange yet at the same time felt guilty for my actions.
The next morning everyone was having breakfast at different times and to my surprise she was very friendly with her husband and he was affectionate women without them knowing ever what it happened between us the night before. I still wonder to this day if she knew that I was the one that fucked her that night in the cabin. I have never shared the story with any friends or family but wanted to share this here.
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2021.12.05 20:29 MichaelSamuelZupidi How would a civilian become an inventor for the military?

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2021.12.05 20:29 BrainVR any other mysterious/thriller animes?

death note was the second anime i every watched and now that i finished it i want to find a similar anime that is dubbed i use netflix (US) and crunchyroll
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2021.12.05 20:29 microice2795 Miki - Wonderfuk (Lo-Fi Rock)

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2021.12.05 20:29 Henerders My first perfect game!

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2021.12.05 20:29 LemonEast4994 help w rationing out my internet usage

not sure how i should ration out my high dopamine activities (computer usage)
hey guys
i know if i got rid of my laptop and phone i’d become a much better dude; i’d procrastinate less, and improve my productivity massively.
the thing is, i’m very into music, and comedy, design, film. for better or for worse, it’s important to me personally that i stay on trend. i need to stay informed. whether that be in the world of art, politics, etc. and i do this through instagram mostly (which i have a terrible relationship with) so as much as part of me would really like to go awol, i can’t. so far, i’ve figured i should 1. as a general rule, always do the shitty stuff before the good stuff and 2. limit myself to a certain number of hours on the internet, switch over to reddit, youtube, pinterest (maybe?)
it’s very difficult cause instagram is where i get my memes, my inspiration, my news. i don’t even post nothin. and i don’t care what my peers are doing, only my favourite artists and comics architects, musicians, actors, directors.
before you know it i’m scrolling mindlessly. and i really can’t get myself to do any sort of work. and when i do i fucking doze off and my mind is radio static.
it should also be taken into account that i, of course, have adhd, and am currently on ritalin. that is to say i don’t like it very much and don’t find it helps me in any great way. i take 25mg when i need to. it wakes me up but kinda just makes me tweaky. i still have difficulty focusing. it might even worsen my focusing abilities.
i’d appreciate a drug-alternative suggestion .
i apologize for the long message. i appreciate your time, and this community.
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2021.12.05 20:29 Ok-Championship6099 Please be my Friends D7TH78W9R.

Please i dont have Many friends
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2021.12.05 20:29 RipVanWinkleWasHere Training to get into animation, any advice?

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2021.12.05 20:29 Rolcck creator of the oswald mod is a bumbfuck

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2021.12.05 20:29 jerommmh Mice in my appartment, have you experienced it and do you know any efficient and trustful company ?

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2021.12.05 20:29 Fezzy1uk A smg4 comment on a caddicarus video

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2021.12.05 20:29 DestinedForNotMuch Fuck you Brian

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2021.12.05 20:29 rehberaydin 47. Altın Kelebek Ödülleri Gecesine Damga Vuran ve Sosyal Medyada Gündem Olan Anlar

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