"The Coin is dead, and the Raiders have killed him." - Friedrich "u/pongislame" Nietzsche

2021.12.05 21:15 __shitten__ "The Coin is dead, and the Raiders have killed him." - Friedrich "u/pongislame" Nietzsche

I'm pretty sure Nietzsche would have said this in response to our game.
Conservative play calling and fuck-ups all game. If Moehrig made that INT, we would have had this in the bag. So many other things too.
We fucked up, let's take responsibility for this shit and prove the coin wrong again against the Queefs next week.
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2021.12.05 21:15 profetadeoz BAD BOYS - LOS QUE INCOMODAN A LA ELITE | #ParisiKastEnBadboys

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2021.12.05 21:15 GoatJones87 What are some Legendary live performances of all-time?

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2021.12.05 21:15 Wild_Imagination_427 [WTS] [WTT] 1 oz NGC PF70 UC American Liberty 2021 High Relief Gold Coin (First Releases) $3,300

I am selling a 1oz American Liberty 2021 High Relief Gold Coin from NGC. Asking price is $3,300.
- Low mintage of 12,500.
- Perfect PF70 Ultra Cameo grade with the "First Releases" designation.
- Upgraded to "Scratch-Resistant" holder.
- I will cover shipping via USPS Priority Mail within the continental US only (Can add insurance at cost). Not responsible for what happens to the product once it's in the possession of USPS.
- Will include US Mint box and COA as a bonus.

I am also willing to trade for 1.75 oz of 2021 regular BU bullion to compensate for loss of numismatic value. The 1.75 oz need to be split as follows:
-1 full troy oz of BU American Gold Eagle (2021 type 1 or 2) and the remaining .75 oz can be fractional American Gold Eagle, and/or fractional Canadian Gold Maples (preferably 2020 or 2021).
- If buying I can only accept Zelle payment at the moment or crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, BUSD, preferred)
-If trading, the other party will pay for their part of the shipment.
- No returns.
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2021.12.05 21:15 Captainlazer56 [OC] Arcane's Advantage [14:25]

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2021.12.05 21:15 V1vidCha0s I put in some splatoon stuff as a prompt for ai art and this is what happened.

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2021.12.05 21:15 EcstadelicNET The future of scientific research is quantum

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2021.12.05 21:15 Da_Thick_Hashira ERiN YeaGEr

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2021.12.05 21:15 Historical_Tip_6347 Damn. Almost 8k. I remember just before hof 1.0 dropped we were at 3k

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2021.12.05 21:15 legallyfit25 Is it just me or is midtown becoming more unsafe?

I’ve lived in midtown for roughly five years and I absolutely love it, but it seems to me that it’s getting worse in terms of safety. Property crime, violent crime, etc. Starting to not feel safe coming home at night. Not sure if it’s just me, but it’s getting tough out here.
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2021.12.05 21:15 CowboyCasts Clash NA T4 - looking for top laner

just a couple of gamers gaming, not super serious but we try to win still
REQUIREMENT: post ur favourite lyric from this song https://soundcloud.com/cringecloud/mario-be-playin-t-dub
excited to have another gamer with the boys :)
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2021.12.05 21:15 MRjokerPT SHE GOT HIM!!!!!! (Art by 藺草ハル)

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2021.12.05 21:15 ThatsNotGlutenFree Anyone knows how to makntain friendships?

I think I am charming and charismatic so I have no trouble talking to anyone and starting conversation. I just don’t know how to maintain friendships and could use some advice.
I am not a weirdo and I am fun and I love people so I can connect fairly easy. Conversation usually flows well and I think I am interesting to people.
I am a very strange person in the sense that I grew up quite isolated and independent so as an adult I can be extremely self sufficient and quite reserved. Aka I rarely need anything from anyone and I hate asking for help.
I’m used to being alone so whenever I’ve met people and have started hanging out I immediately notice the disruption in my life. Like now there is a new wild variable in the equation and these connections tend to burn out. Last time I found a group that seemed cool and fun to hang out with, one of the girls fell for me and started making inappropriate advances even after I asked her to stop. The group was close with her so the easiest thing in my eyes was to just stop hanging out with them.
I feel like this is a good example. I will find people and they seem cool. We start to hang out and start to get more involved in our lives and then something weird happens that is a dealbreaker, like they won’t respect my boundaries, or they won’t stop flirting with me, or they do some shady shit, or they are trying to get something out of me, and I have to end the interaction and I’m back to square one.
I’ve also spent so much time on my own that I don’t know how to have “maintenance” interactions or maintenance fun, and I’m not sure I even know what that looks like. So if I had a friend I wouldn’t know what to do because I never learned that.
Like how often should we hang out. How much should I let them in my life. How much can I trust them. Should I come up with hang out ideas? What are good hang out ideas? Where do people learn this stuff. What do I do with this friend? What do I feed it? Help
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2021.12.05 21:15 qwertyfanny 211206 IVE Official Twitter Update

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2021.12.05 21:15 ANTH888YA PC Soft Crashes.

Hard to explain this but windows runs fine & I can do other things while this happens. 1st thing that happens is HWiNFO stops working and Asus Ai Suite 3 that's how I know there was a crash or an error because whenever I end the program via task manager it will never launch back. It just never comes up. So then I restart my PC and the pc shuts off (I Think) but fans and rgb keeps running However on restart the start up initialization never happens so I need to told the power button to do a hard shut-off. This only happens once every 4 days or once a week. Anyone know how I can fix this?

-AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (No Overclock Applied)
-G.Skill Ram 16GB (No Overclock)
-MSI RTX 3070 (No Overclock)
All on default clock speeds.
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2021.12.05 21:15 Steelshootercomp My first competition with my Shadow 2 and I came In 8th place!

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2021.12.05 21:15 TheZigRat Darth Santa

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2021.12.05 21:15 Montage_Hustle Broken Upon Arrival

Is there a way to get the Samsung Oddessy G9 repaired or replaced?
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2021.12.05 21:15 EmeraldSpartanSaiyan Bought dlc but no money taken?

2 days ago I pre ordered the Destiny 2 witch queen + 30th anniversary bundle by using the 10 account credit I have and the rest in my card. But I noticed yesterday that no money was taken from my account and by bank has no pending transaction.
I've never had this happen before and the only thing different that happened was I needed to approve the transaction on my mobile banking app.
Is this anything to worry about?
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2021.12.05 21:15 Big_Statistician_973 Powder King

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2021.12.05 21:15 ApexInTheRough Recruitment drive ends in disappointment.

Hint: 1970s film.
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2021.12.05 21:15 dissapointment0924 Gaga compilation

Can someone make a gaga save compilation? for free? im just lazy. if not i honestly get it (cuz the price and stuff lmao)
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2021.12.05 21:15 RonaldoMirandah How to render particles using mantra XPU?

Simple beginner Karma XPU question. Cause is not on the documentation. At least, i didnt find it here:(https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/solaris/karma_xpu.html)
Is possible to render Particles with Karma XPU?
How? I am just beeing able render with Karma CPU 📷
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2021.12.05 21:15 Mokhlaa Since we're on the subject of diversity, something that has bothered me lately...

I'm working on re-writing some of my very earliest work so it's publishable, and weighing up whether I should just make a character white to avoid the stress. I first started writing as a teen and although I was terrible at it, I do feel the ideas are good even if the structure of the writing is crap, and would like to fix it up and eventually publish it.
My protag from an old series I wrote aged 16-20 was this mutant who had extravagant superstrength due to a hormone akin to adrenaline but massively more powerful. She could literally flip tanks.
Her last name was Rodriguez, and she was dark haired and dark skinned. Why? Purely because at the time, I really liked Omahyra Mota and cast her as this character in my head. I wasn't trying to be diverse or politically correct on purpose - I just absolutely LOVED Omahyra as Arclight from the X-men and liked to cast her as Rodriguez in my head when I visually played out various scenes. Think Omahyra with blue contact lenses - the dark skin blue eyes combo was always my go to for a 'this character has something unusual about her' leitmotif.
I can't help feeling it would be better to just make her white, and then her mistakes are all hers alone and won't be taken as racism. She's a fairly hard headed and aggressive character; I can already hear people getting offended. I don't feel like being eaten alive because my fictional mutant with a bad attitude has dark skin and a Hispanic name.
That plus I have started to feel like having a non white character is basically submission. 'Look, I wrote a diverse character, please don't be mad at meeeeee'...I feel like it would be more dignified to just make her white. I never used to feel that way, but with the SJW crowd always going on about how things are never representative enough and we need a one-legged black lesbian with three noses...it has started to put me off writing anyone darker than Northern Russian.
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