Suspected fraud alert won’t let me top off my account for gas fees. You are making me jump through loops in order TO TAKE BACK MY OWN MONEY IN USDT AFTER YOU FREELY ACCEPTED WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE.

2021.12.05 19:58 VendiVendiVendi Suspected fraud alert won’t let me top off my account for gas fees. You are making me jump through loops in order TO TAKE BACK MY OWN MONEY IN USDT AFTER YOU FREELY ACCEPTED WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE.

MetaMask simply has too high gas prices and is now suspecting me of fraud because IM TRYING TO BUY ETHEREUM TO GET MY MONEY OUT OF THIS GOD FORSAKEN CRYPTO WALLET. What a joke
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2021.12.05 19:58 TheRandomGuy_BD maro

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2021.12.05 19:58 VerbalVeggie He’s MOSTLY normal I swear.

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2021.12.05 19:58 TropicalAT Wasatch trail conditions

Is there any preferred site for wasatch trail conditions in winter. Looking to get an idea of snowshoe / microsoike/ crampons needs or what trails are broken out.
I just landed here and want to start getting out, incline to head out to lake blanche tomorrow
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2021.12.05 19:58 jhony013 (FREE) VINTAGE SAMPLE PACK '' Breaking Bad '' Chops/Loops/Sample 2021

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2021.12.05 19:58 Super-Basis2499 How to beat Harrowing Escape in Cindered Shadows?

Yes, I'm bad at this game, but I like it anyway. I just can't get past this, how am I supposed to beat it? I've tried several times and just keep losing. Is there like a tutorial with exact moves somewhere
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2021.12.05 19:58 hjschrader09 Don't know who this guy is, but his video on the situation made me laugh.

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2021.12.05 19:58 Memestockinvestor $LGVN how a shitty over all market can benefit the play

I have come to my own conclusions about who exactly is on the other end of this trade and while there may be some institutional short selling I largely believe it is retail traders carrying most of the short positions here.
Why do I believe there is a larger retail presence on the short side than institutional? It’s pretty simple. There is no options chain. Institutional short sellers prefer trades where they can hedge their bets with call options. Here they can’t.
Furthermore, I have yet to see anyone come up with a boogyman like has happened with other heavily shorted stocks.
I do however see a lot of online chatter from retail type short sellers about this stock, one infamous post showed up on Twitter from a “trading guru” posting 500K losses and one of the members of this group thanking him for the free money.
Back to my original point. A shitty over all market potentially benefiting this squeeze play. This is going to come down to the make up of individual short sellers portfolio positions. If they are using margin and a lot of their long positions start to fall below maintenance requirements, their underwater position on $LGVN could be liquidated by force.
On Friday we saw $LGVN hold up surprisingly well considering the entire market was in the shitter, and yesterday I posted a poll where numerous respondents stated that their broker does allow short selling but does not have shares available on this security. The only hard number I got on availability was like 40K shares from TD I believe.
If indeed the makeup of most of the short interest here is retail traders this short squeeze could be historic. As it is not bulls (or apes) that generate the squeeze when dominos start to fall. It’s bears trampling each other as they run for the exit.
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2021.12.05 19:58 fabianpetrescu Travel Business Idea

In my country, there are hundreds of travel agencies, all offering great all inclusive packages to various destinations. My idea is simple. Do for them what Skyscanner has done for the airlines companies and booking dot com for hotels, amazon for retailers, centralize all their packages under a single / attractive/ consolidated app where we focus on tailored deals based on user input/social media data gathered ( age/status/interests) and conversational bots to narrow down interests, using top visuals and creators to generate traffic, such as great pictures/ videos from micro influencers. We are pairing that with a free newsletter similar to jackflights where error fares and cheap plane tickets are being sent via push-out notifications to members, based on geo-location/ type of destination (exotic, cultural, party), informatiofn given to bots in a interactive way.
Thoughts? Looking for criticism
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2021.12.05 19:58 DrTomato14 mythic item

should i alwsys go liandry's with mid swain if there arent any tanks?
if not what item should i go and thank you
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2021.12.05 19:58 BenIAltI Definitive proof that Cyberpunk 2077 is ABSOLUTELY NOT an Immersive Sim #cyberpunk2077

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2021.12.05 19:58 Am4z0n_Prime Clear urine?

Since starting a plant-based diet a few months ago, drink a lot of water, and I don't feel thirsty constantly like I would like an electrolyte imbalance, but my pee is usually clear. Should I go to a doctor?
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2021.12.05 19:58 draiggoch83 [WTS] Vintage Gruen Swiss-Made Men’s Mechanical Watch

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2021.12.05 19:58 Realist_TS Talk about a time you panic sold...

Lets be honest!
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2021.12.05 19:58 Jew_Prince I’m an old Jew. This was the most tacticool handgun I could buy back in the day. It was the summer of KF and this cost a whopping $499.95! What a time to be alive!

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2021.12.05 19:58 FL4KandCompany

Check out The Lost Remnant PVE Win10/Xbox Cluster
Lost Island Map Coming Dec 14th
Join us today! 14 servers with weekly events, all maps with a taming map plus event map and an amazing community. NEW Patreon Ragnarok now available and New Patreon Rotating Taming map coming soon! We have excellent boosted rates all designed to make the game less time consuming and more fun than ever. Designed for players "with lives" our settings were made with your quality of life and enjoyment in mind.

Fully equipped Community Centers on each map. Friendly admins and a friendly community who happily help even the newest of players. Join us weekdays or weekends for fun and profitable events on our event server! We welcome solo players as well as large tribes. Choose from a griffin or a rock drake with your starter kit. Come join us!
Win10/Xbox full server cluster discord:
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2021.12.05 19:58 ctallc DNS Resolver Not Working for Subdomains

I am trying to set up the DNS resolver to handle subdomains pointing to virtual.lan, but am having issues having subdomains point to the same server. Under Host Overrides, I have the parent domain set to virtual.lan and the host domain is empty. virtual.lan directs to the server I am pointing it at correctly, but the subdomain nas.virtual.lan shows that the DNS address could not be found. If I set a specific alias for the subdomain, then it works, but from what I understand, leaving the host domain empty should act as a wildcard. Am I doing something wrong?
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2021.12.05 19:58 DaisyMedia got a new reveal trailer for my next collection

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2021.12.05 19:58 blondeviking64 What's up with all the A&W posts?

Am I missing something? It felt this sub always had cool and interesting things to try and it was awesome. I found some new root beers to try that I enjoyed. Suddenly this is all A&W fan boy posts filling the whole thread. It's not wrong to like it, just too many posts about it here. If I am off base feel free to let me know.
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2021.12.05 19:58 flyingtzar Camping / basebuilding / economy advices

Hello! As a very fresh player I need your help. I'd love to start some kind of journal RPG with elements of sandbox and with many rolls as my first solo game. I am interested in mechanics or even tips, which would help me to create/use rules for camping and wandering, not only fighting. It would be nice, if the rules/advices would have some management aspects, like - you need to think how much food do you have, where to sleep, how to pay taxes, buy new weapong, something like that.
I know that it's kind of impossible to play like this for the whole time, but something like that between adventures would be lovely - when my adventurer comes home to rest, to repair his gear, to prepare himself for next journey... Any tips, ideas, advices, mechanics?
Sorry for not being too detailed, but this will be me first solo play. Idea came from playing " The Warlock of Firetop Mountain " gamebook, which was awesome for me.
I even made myself a map in Inkarnate, thinking about basebuilding. It would be awesome to update it and print pictures for my journal, as I expand my little house :) (word are in my native language, as I am Polish - "Cabin by the river, food, gold".
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2021.12.05 19:58 WattledPenguin Ben and Julie (husky/shep mix)

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2021.12.05 19:58 Tommytuf Mr. B (Ballas) :3

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2021.12.05 19:58 mnkbone MSc Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Technology Track

Hi everybody,
I'm currently in the process of choosing which MSc Computer Science track to apply to: Data Science and Tech or AI Tech. Even though I've read the descriptions and curriculum for both, I would still greatly appreciate any additional information, possibly even based on personal experience.
I'm currently in the last year of my BSc in Computer Science from Newcastle University, aiming to finish with a first. I'm 21, I've got 3 years of experience working in cyber security and digital marketing, and in both fields I've had to work with and analyse large amounts of data. I've been obsessed with machine learning lately, but so far the only ML/DL related projects I've done are university related. My bachelor's thesis is going to be ML-related, but I'm not sure how much that will matter.
I would love to know what you guys think are my chances of getting in. Getting a Master's from TU Delft would be a dream come true, and I'm extremely grateful for any tips with the admission process, as well!
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2021.12.05 19:58 trajop What’s the worst thing to say to a woman that just gave birth?

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2021.12.05 19:58 Amnesiablo I’ve just noticed these very thin black and grey lines going across the entirety of my CX, had it 1 and a half years without issue. Anyone experienced anything similar? Apologies for poor photos.

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