any guys my age wanna chat

2021.12.05 20:20 greasytomatosauce any guys my age wanna chat

I just came and now I'm bored
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2021.12.05 20:20 ExtensionScratch0 Am guessing this is near RPC's subway stop

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2021.12.05 20:20 FoxyFern Illegally Smol Cat with Illegally Smol Cone of Shame

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2021.12.05 20:20 all_hail_the_DPH_god Any spices that wouldn't make hppd worse ?

I can't do Nutmeg or weed i become blinded for days after. Even strong coffee makes me see auras and really bad after images. It got bad to the point i couldn't concentrate during a cognitive test due to random colors and shit and a fucking white dot flying infornt of me. This was last month , i can take caffeine and Even drink with being okish now. Last month was bad because i ate lots of edibles (edibles didn't give me hppd but they make it way way way worse).
Obviously can't do Nutmeg or cannabinoids. I can drink and take caffeine Atleast without it getting hellish.
Anything that would not make hppd worse ? It's getting better over time even if I still do some drugs but I can't touch cannabinoids or psychs.
So basically any good spices that aren't cannabinoids or psychedelic ?
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2021.12.05 20:20 Asolistik Season Pass and Learners Area

tl;dr - Would an Epic Military Season Pass work for the Learner's Area Lifts?
I got an Epic Military Season Pass last month and plan to sign up for ski lessons at Stevens Pass this Janurary.
During sign up it ask about adding a Learner's Area Lift pass.
Common sense makes me think a mountain pass would also include any smallesubset area.
But checking their website I don't see anything explicit/specific about it.
Curious if any vets could chime in with any anecdotes or wisdom.
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2021.12.05 20:20 Arturs2_25 So, last week, i went to ireland, here's this picture of the Dublin Cathedral

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2021.12.05 20:20 chromosomalcrossover Epidemiological and genetic overlap among biological aging clocks: New challenges in biogerontology [2021]

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2021.12.05 20:20 snipercnc No Fanchen, mine is mediocre

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2021.12.05 20:20 IoxTV Watts - sks2002 | Iox Music

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2021.12.05 20:20 Cultural-Charity1940 Driver picked up my order and has been 4 minutes away for an hour

I ordered some food and the delivery driver picked it up, when he reached 4 minutes away, he stopped and hasn't moved for an hour. I tried contacting him, but no answer. Uber isn't cancelling my order and I'm not sure what can I do.
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2021.12.05 20:20 SoulWolfX Best wireless earbuds for me

Hello! I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy buds for awhile now and I think it’s time for an upgrade. During that time I’ve always used Samsung phones, but recently I swapped to an iPhone 13 pro (loving it so far, only thing I miss is YouTube vanced.) I’ll mostly be using the headphones for music. I listen to a lot of classic rock, blues, blues rock, heavy metal, hard rock, and grunge. My favorite bands / artists at the moment (though this changes frequently) are Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice In Chains, Jimi Hendrix and Guns N Roses. Also listened to a lot of stone temple pilots, Pearl Jam, silverchair, rush, bush, Black Sabbath, soundgarden, metallica, cream, mad season, audioslave etc (basically any rock band from the 60s - 90s you can name)
Everything is important to me sound quality, battery, ease of use, functionality, build quality, features, fit, etc. I mostly use my headphones on car rides, in class/lunch, and running / walking.
The headphones I’ve found that interest me are the AirPods Pro, beats studio buds, beats fit pro, sony wf-1000xm4 however I’ve found problems with all of them from the research I’ve done. but I’m open to anything if you have good recommendations.
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2021.12.05 20:20 yujiro_hamma Jerry runs the daniel gauntlet

1 fat daneil 2 handsome Daniel ( beginning) 3 drunk daneil 4 god dog Daniel 5 hostel Daniel 6 skinny daneil 7daniel ( workers) 8 current Daniel 9 ui Daniel
Imo he stops at current
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2021.12.05 20:20 ThatDestinyKid Secret Santa gift looking SWEET! These wing effect parts were well worth it!

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2021.12.05 20:20 Matador513 Two sets of zcp wheels if anyone needs

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2021.12.05 20:20 Tiggzyy Anyone got any photos of what each weapon and support system is? (XV8 Crisis Battlesuits)

I can tell what the missile pod is, not sure on the other shoulder mounted systems and some of the weapons (Start collecting spure)
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2021.12.05 20:20 VintageHedghog Songs for getting through and letting go

So I’ve been listening to my angry playlist when it comes to my ex and what she did to me, but I really think listening to more upbeat music about me getting through this hard time will help me more. I am all about feeling all my emotions and there will be days I need my angry or sad playlists, but I also know I need songs that help me feel hope for getting through. I made a playlist but want more songs to add to it. I have songs like fight song by Rachel platton and learn to let go by Kesha on there. Any other song suggestions?
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2021.12.05 20:20 RandomRimeDM That's A Nice Lead You Have There

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2021.12.05 20:20 noah3302 Petition to change the subreddit to a place where people with Norse ancestors talk about the state of Minnesota

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2021.12.05 20:20 Silversniper220 Hermione never got in trouble for repairing Harry's glasses with magic outside of school

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2021.12.05 20:20 JustSomeMetalHead Any good Blue cards that provide bonuses when drawing a card?

I recently got a Wizard Class card from the D&D crossover run, and I've built a deck around drawing a lot of cards and buffing the hell out of my creatures. However, it only helps me if I get that card drawn early in the game. I've got a couple copies, but I would like to find other enchantments that provide buffs or advantages whenever a card is drawn.
Any ideas?
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2021.12.05 20:20 Mysterious-Cable8507 Hey i make album covers, Those are some of my covers. Let me know what you think about them, Hmu if you wanna work on my instagram @jrefaatdesigns !

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2021.12.05 20:20 TypicallyDen Day 5 complete!

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2021.12.05 20:20 InfantryMOD Trade Secretary to boost transatlantic trade and investment on first US visit

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2021.12.05 20:20 KisaKicks Some morning fun today. True story.

Both CJ and I had a late night last night. I was doing some video editing late in to the night, and he had a were wrestling booking. Sorry, I really can't disclose where because I don't want any ballbusting comments on his wrestling pages lol. Anyway, I tried staying up late for him, but wasn't able to make it. The last text I had was him saying he was coming home and that was at 11:30. He said he made it in just before 1am, but I was out. Now I've told him before, I don't mind being woken up on the weekends for sex. Weekdays, don't wake me up, we have work in the morning, but weekends are okay. Especially if I'm wearing something sexy or nothing at all. If it's regular pajamas or clothes, then it's his call, but if I'm obviously dressed or undressed for the occasion, wake me up lol. Anyway, I fell asleep in one of my lace bras, lace underwear and knee high black socks. He has a thing for one high socks lol. Well, needless to say, I didn't get woke up.
I wake to to look at my phone, and it's a little after 5am. He's in bed sleeping, and I'm a little frustrated at this point because I could have worn something warm, and not my underwear. The socks were fine lol. He's was sleeping in only his compression shorts, so I figured he just came home and passed out. Maybe a little tired and all, but no reason we couldn't have played around for a little bit. He was laying on his side, and had a body pillow between his knees. So I decided I'm going to wake him up. I slowly pushed his knee up and gently removed the pillow from between his legs. I held his leg up and made sure he didn't wake up, so this took a little while and moving very slowly. I had never brought him out of a deep sleep line this before, so my anticipation was pretty high. I measured my knee right against the bottom of his groin, I wanted to make sure it was going to be a solid thunk. I didn't touch them, I didn't want CJ to wake to. The point of my knee was right under his pelvis, and I could see the bulge where is balls are and it's going to be the top of my knee and a little thigh.
I slowly pulled my leg back as far as I could stretch it. I felt the muscles in my ass tighten up from how far back I stretched me leg. I cupped my hand around the back of his knee, getting a good grip while still holding his leg out of the way. I waited until I saw him breathe in, because I didn't want to bust him after an exhale. I'm a little vicious, but I'm not evil. Breath in, and in one fluid movement I pulled back on his knee while thrusting all the force I could in my leg swinging my knee forward. The thudding splat sound was so loud, I don't think I've ever got that sound before. My knee buried deep in to his groin, and I could feel the squish of each testicle on my knee, I flattened them against his body while pulling his leg toward me so there was a little oncoming momentum from him colliding with my knee.
In this split second his eyes bulged out of his head, he yelped in pain and curled in to the fetal position. His face went between my breasts, arms wrapped tight around me, and his legs straddled mine as he curled up in to a ball. Gasping for air, he was trying to talk, and I slammed my knee again. Tighter he held on crying out in pain, his body trembling as I crushed his balls again and again. The thud rippled through my leg and I could feel the Shockwave though my whole lower body, with each blow I could feel his balls flatten and his body shake. He sputtered out our safeword (which i will not tell 😉). So I honored that and stopped for a second. Rubbing his head as it still pressed between my breasts, and with my other hand lightly rubbing his rock hard cock and gently rubbing his balls, to which I could feel the heat radiating off of them at this point. The tip is his penis is sticky where he already had some pre-cum dripping out.
He asked me what the hell that was about in between deep breaths. I told him he didn't wake me up last night, so I was a little impatient and decided to wake him up. He apologized and said he was tired and didn't think I'd want to wake up at 1am. I told him I didn't fall asleep in lacey underwear for comfort and squeezed his balls slightly. He groaned and gripped me tighter. I asked him if he wanted more or if the safeword meant he was done. He started kissing my breasts, and said more please. Between the "more please" and sucking on my nipples in not going to lie, I was wet lol. I slammed me knee again in to his balls, to which he just sucked on my chest harder. Each shot caused his body to tense up, but he was still rock hard. I gave him my vibrator and told him to use it while I squeeze him.
I wasn't squeezing full force, just alternating between hard and gentle, giving him a chance to recover, and I didn't want him to stop using my toy on me. It is made to go over the clitoris and stimulate with a sucking feature. Normally I'd just have him get his face down there, but I wanted his mouth on my tits at this moment. I was getting closer to orgasm, and with each squeeze he would moan and suck more. I could his balls swelling from the damage as I held them. I asked him if he wanted to finish in me, or finish separately. (Sometimes its fun to finish with the foreplay an mix it up a little bit, so when we get close to climax, we'll stop and ask that just to see how the other one is feeling about how they want to get off. )
He said he wants me to get off, and then he wants to cum from being busted. God damn what a turn on. So he kept massaging my clit with the vibrator as I kept alternating squeeze strengths. Just enough to hurt a little and keep his erection going. I could feel my body tingling, the tickling sensation through my stomach and hips, I was so close to orgasm, I told him to keep sucking me breasts. I asked him if he needed me to let go. He knows what this means, because if I'm holding his balls when I cum... I'm sorry but no safeword is going to get me to let go. It's not a mean thing, it's not me wanting to hurt him, it's a moment of fucking ecstasy where I can't control myself for about 10 seconds, but that feels like a lifetime to him if his balls are in my hands. He said no, hold them. Fuck, he's brave today. I feel it, he's sucking, I'm wiggling around, getting the right spots, and like a wave of pure pleasure I feel it, and I squirt all over his hand and vivrator, I'm seeing stars, my body tightens, my body is shaking, holy fuck, I'm cumming hard, I'm begging please pull it back, I'm so sensitive that the vibrator feels like it moves my entire body from the inside. I feel it pull away from my clit, and another wave of pleasure comes over me as my body trembles. I start to feel a tapping on my wrists, rapid tapping, I hear CJ's voice crying please, please, let go, oh my God please let go. I look down and both hands are tightened around his balls, they're purple and he's tapping out on my arm like it's an mma fight lmao. I say oh shit, and let go. He clutches his balls, and buries his face in the pillow moaning, his legs are crossed and curled up to his chest. I noticed my forearm is gooey....
He came on me.. I squeezed the cum out lol. He was quivering, face in the pillow. I started rubbing his back. He rolled over and had tears in his eyes. I felt so bad, but he said not to. He wasn't crying really, just his eyes watered up from the pain, and I guess he was practically screaming for me to let go, but I didn't hear him at all. He was pressed up against me begging for what he swears felt like forever. The pain rushing through his balls, feeling my breasts against him, and I his cock was rubbing against my arm, which apparently felt really good on top of the intense pain and he started cumming, crying, and begging all at once. Then after he orgasms his balls are incredibly sensitive and at that point I'm still squeezing. He said he couldn't even speak. His vision was getting blurry and he was frantically tapping out on my arm because he couldn't talk, and he thought he was about to pass out.
When I finally let go he said his body instinctively curled up and his eyes started watering, he couldn't control it. He said he felt like he was about to throw up, but that started to fade a little. Then as the searing pain started to fade he started to get the pleasure of the orgasm, and the pain came down enough that it was pleasurable as well. After about ten minutes of both of us cuddling quietly, I asked to see them. He rolled to his back and pulled the blankets down. His fucking balls were dark purple and a little black around the bottom of the cock even 😵😵😵. I've never had more than just purple before, I started to apologize and he just laughed and said not to, he enjoyed it. He was starting to get hard again, i don't know how 😂. I told him I could not go round 2 myself, but I'd get him off again if he wanted. We still had about an hour before we had some stuff to do, so I could get him off one more time and we could still have time to shower.
He asked if I would give him a footjob. So I positioned myself between his legs and leaned against the headboard, and had him lay back. I let him kiss on one foot and rubbed his dick with the other. I could feel heat from his balls, and the swelling had them so squishy lmao. I rubbed them a little, but focused more on his dick, and listened to him moan while he kissed and rubbed my other foot. After a while I knew he was ready, he took my other foot and put it down so that both feet caressed each side of his cock and he started moving up and down. Not going to lie, my legs get pretty tired when I do the stroking part, so I love it when he decides to just fuck my feet himself lol. Thrusting his cock, holding my ankles he starts moaning, rubbing my calves, his hard cock kind of feels kind a massage along the side of my feel. I'm rubbing his legs, trying to keep my feet together tight, I can feel his balls starting to tap the bottom of my feet with each upward thrust. The stronger he thrusts the more they hit, and he's going faster, moaning louder. He says, "you might think I'm crazy, but can I use the bottom of one foot and rub my shaft (yes... he said shaft 😂), and with your other foot can you kick my balls?". I am shocked because he's literally black and blue, so I ask if he's sure, and again him and his manners lol, he says "yes please". How can I say no to that? So I stated alternating between my heel and sole of my foot and stomping and grinding while he rubbed my other foot against his dick. He moaned and asked for harder, the squishing feeling of swollen testicles is a little arousing to be honest lol. The thudding splatting sounds mixed with his moans was exciting and I started hitting harder and harder. Like a damn cum volcano he shoots at least a foot in the air. I keep kicking, each crushing blow flings more cum, a little less and a little lower each time, but I get four solid bursts out before it's just me kicking the fuck out of him post orgasm while he grits his teeth and grunts and grips the bed sheets. Now again, he likes the post cum busting so I'll go until the safeword and only the safeword. It's not like he can really take much more after cumming so I just go all out until I hear it. Both feet just bicycle kicking, the the cum has ran down his shaft and his dick has gone soft so with each stomp it flinging more cum so over my feet and his balls. The sound is like a squishing splat, the best way I can describe is take a wet wash cloth, put it over an orange or grapefruit and punch it. That's the sound each kick is making. Trying to use my heel, each thud he screams out, harder, harder, holy fuck, full force, I can't kick any harder one after the other, left foot, right foot. After at least a dozen he starts being, please no more, please, please stop. No safeword, he's literally getting off on begging for mercy and not getting it. I grab his ankles and pull him in to each kick, I switch to just my right foot and slam my heel as hard as I can, 4,5,6.. he's never lasted this long, 7,8,9, he's not moaning anymore, 10,11,12, I'm getting tired. So I push and grind my heel. I feel his very swollen, very large balls go flat against his pelvic bone. Jfc I think he passed out again.. then... safeword. Holy shit...
I slid down so I could lay down also. Strange way to lay, but I'm between his legs, my but is against his testicles. I can feel the warmth coming off them. My legs are on his chest. I'm rubbing his thighs trying to give a little aftercare. He's breathing heavy, rubbing my feet, kissing my heels. We sat this way for another 10 minutes or so and he finally said we should get in the shower.
It was a very intense, very fun morning. It's now a full 12hrs later as I write this and he is sitting with ice in his lap lol. They're more black than purple, but he swears that he enjoyed it. You fuckinf men are nuts. Pun intended. He's literally getting aroused right now rubbing my legs as I type this story. That was our morning, and I'm thinking he's going to try again tonight 😂👢💥🍒🍆💦.
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