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I’m trying to install mods for beat saber through side quest and bmbf, but I go to uninstall beat saber through side quest, and non of my games are there. Please help.

2021.12.05 21:18 Additional_Yogurt915 I’m trying to install mods for beat saber through side quest and bmbf, but I go to uninstall beat saber through side quest, and non of my games are there. Please help.

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2021.12.05 21:18 tacomania222 How Do I Find An Animator?

I’m a writer and I’ve finished a short that I wrote recently. Now I’m trying to get my budget laid out to actually produce the animated short. Does anyone know how I can find a good animator? I tried Fiverr so far, and nothing noteworthy has caught my eye.
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2021.12.05 21:18 Dercudez Quando the funniest nigga of all time 😂😂😂 he just threatened to slap one of the bitches in the chat

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2021.12.05 21:18 Competitive-Yak-946 [SPOILERS]Why certain endings are much more hopeful than you might think.

As I was playing Enderal for the upteenth time I found myself thinking much more about the lore and the implications it has, and what I have found, in my opinion, recontextualizes the high ones and "exposes" them for what they are: Weak, much weaker than even the Black Guardian says. And if you picked either the sacrifice ending or the dreamflower ending they've already lost.
Why? To understand this one must understand the nature of the high ones and to do that one must consider why they came to be, specifically how the first one emerged. The first "cycle" didn't have a beacon, but what it did have was magic, and if development continued as in our world they probably had world wars as well. That means that the governments in that time would find it important to have powerful weapons, and remember, the archmagister told us that the beacon was a bomb without a focus. The second part to understand the high ones is magic, magic on vyn is using ones will to control reality. Now what would happen if you forced millions of people to focus their rage, anger and sorrow, their will, into a unified goal and supplied them with a monumentous amount of magic? Well what happened on enderal during the ending? A massive bomb went off, and affected a continents worth of people embroiled in a genocidal war, loss, poverty and sorrow. What followed? A High One was born. A pattern that the High Ones repeat over and over and over again. Because they want to? Well surely they could have done something similar during the fall of the aeterna, no? Well then, it seems that they have to.
Something similar probably happened during the first cycle. A civilization fought against another in a genocidal war, used some heavily destructive weapons and a high one was born from the suffering of a world. Why is this important? Because this means that the High Ones aren't part of nature, they're not inevitable, they're a summon, that has summoning requirements. Summoning requirements that they're anal about fulfilling time and time again with as little variation as possible. And if you picked those endings, those requirements can no longer be fulfilled.
What did it take for a High One to be born from vyn? A destructive war that was fought on EVERY SINGLE CONTINENT. It took an entire worlds worth of suffering and misery just for the high ones to be able to start mobilizing considerable people affected by the red madness. Those affected by the red madness only start running around in huge numbers when Coarek throws his shitfit.
And what did you do at the end of Enderal if you picked those endings? You snuffed out an entire continents worth of people, not only that but a lot of them were also Coarek and his armies. So where does that leave us? Kile? Their civil war is finished. Nehrim? They've lost the ability to wage war and they'll most likely be busy with policing their new state. Plus, most of their fanatics probably went off to Enderal, leaving Nehrim with the slighty saner ones. Qyra? They're fighting a cult, it took a genocidal, well equipped army on Enderal to really kick shit up.
Well what about the black stones? I don't think that the High Ones control as much as they want us to think. If the high ones were tied to the black stones they could have just possesed calia from the get go and used their collective memories to build the beacon and initiate the cycle early. But they didn't. Because they didn't want to? Would a starving man not eat? No, it's because they couldn't. If this interpretation is correct then all the black stones are is an initial spark to light the fire that is the cleansing.
If this is correct, then the High Ones have already lost. They no longer have the neccesary sacrifices, the neccesary amount of people casting their summoning spell with their hate and anger to begin their harvest. The black stones are a spark, but what happens if you light a spark over some sand? Nothing. And thus I believe even a lit beacon would be no more than a magical nuke, especially if this cult could be fought with traditional means, reducing the amount of fanatics. It would be like trying to cast thunderclap with only one hand. Impossible. Even in the worst case scenario Lethonia would most likely be spared.
As a final point, consider the ending. You were underground during the cleansing, and you didn't get burned immediately. That means it has a range, a range that extends the further the cleansing goes on, the more people die. And each person is thus, as was shown in game, fuel for the fire. Fuel which you've taken away.
The High Ones have already lost.
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2021.12.05 21:18 CrimsonAlpine Point Defense Mode Gameplay

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2021.12.05 21:18 crtrrss [USA-AL] [H] PayPal, local cash [W] GPUs

Hello, all! I'm in need of multiple GPUs for Christmas builds. If it has at least 2GB of GGDR5, I'm probably interested. Interested in anything up to the 30 series/ 6000 series if the price is right.
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2021.12.05 21:18 Emzalina5 Day 3: my servant has not realised I enjoy being in the tree

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2021.12.05 21:18 ItsPotters [TOMT] [Movie] [1990-2010ish] Movie about Sorcerers.

One of the first scenes was a on a field trip and went into this shop and touched something (could be a Russian nesting doll?) and it brought back some evil sorcerers. It skips ahead a couple years and the same guy has I think a magic ring?
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2021.12.05 21:18 Cmsmks If this what mediocrity feels like

Stuck in the fires of mediocrity. Good enough to scare teams into taking us seriously but never good enough to be a serious contender. We are ok. Not bad, not good. Just ok. This sucks
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2021.12.05 21:18 brianima1 "Why are we still here? Just to suffer?!"

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2021.12.05 21:18 crowexplorer Natural pregnancy is a very upsetting topic at r/AreTheStraightsOK

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2021.12.05 21:18 CarbonatedNoodle NL Impressed by muscle improvements

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2021.12.05 21:18 Darkmiclos We hit extreme fear 16(from yesterdays 18) even with btc and alts recovering somewhat from the recent crash.

It is crazy that even with somewhat recovering from the recent crash the fear and greed index still dropped to 16 and it is important to remember that we are almost at 50k. One can only imagine if we reach about 65k again we would be only at neutral level. I beleive that the next 2 weeks will be very important to see where the market is currently heading since there are multiple scenerios that could play out. I don't think personally that we will drop more for now but no one really knows shit about fuck.
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2021.12.05 21:18 RISKYBUSINESS457 How do I get money in madness combat: project nexus original?

I don’t know
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2021.12.05 21:18 Kacey_2020 Kimberly Perry

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2021.12.05 21:18 ElKaddouriCSC How long can Falkirk maintain full time status whilst playing in League One? How far can Queen’s Park go with the likes of Leanne Dempster, Marijn Beuker etc. at the club?

Not enough has been made about that result on the weekend. Queen’s Park 6-0 Falkirk is probably one of the most shocking results in the SPFL in recent years - and is very indicative of where both clubs are at at the moment.
With the set-up at both clubs at the moment I do genuinely think Queen’s Park could go all the way to the Premiership, whilst Falkirk could go down to part-time status. Really hard to see why any manager would see the Falkirk job as an attractive proposition at the moment with their shambles of a board at the moment
The match highlights are pretty funny if anyone wants to see them
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2021.12.05 21:18 MotivateMindZ What did you learn today?

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2021.12.05 21:18 Brendan3005 Check out this article featuring our boosted TCAP prize with the gUSD pool on Pool Together!

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2021.12.05 21:18 YOW-Weather-Records Today is Regina's first -27 windchill of the season. Typical first is November 16. Record earliest is Oct 25, 1957; latest Jan 2, 1998.

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2021.12.05 21:18 MyOpinionMustBeHeard Anyone else play on the Series X and notice how easy everything is?

I caught 38 fish in one day and went up 4 levels?!?
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2021.12.05 21:18 Geo963B Help

My Gamertag is Geo963Sy Guys i need some help. I only need 22 more downloads and likes. Can you go to my Gallery in Forza Horizon 5 and download my photos and like them it is gonna take less than a minute to do it
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2021.12.05 21:18 DI_Fractal [java] I’ve been playing on this Minecraft account for 10 years without the email or Transaction ID. How am I supposed to migrate?

In 2011, I was given a minecraft account from my cousin. She never said anything about emails or transaction ID’s. I’ve played a bunch on this account, gotten exclusive items on popular multiplayer servers, and even bought ranks for some of them.
A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to change the name on this account, but I found out you needed to login to My cousin doesn’t remember the email she used, and she’s made a bunch of emails over the years. Basically, it was impossible to find the email. That also meant that the Transaction ID was locked behind the email as well. I contacted Mojang support, but it was no use.
So I continued playing on the account for the next few years until they announced account migration. I was hopeful for this, because there was a chance that I could link a microsoft email of my own to the account I used to log in with Username instead of email. This wasn’t the case, sadly. When trying to migrate my account today, Mojang needed to verify my email. Again, I would not be able to find it.
I’ve tried everything, and I’m slowly losing hope, since I’m at risk of not being able to play on this account once migration finishes. All my items and ranks on servers would be gone. Is there anything I can do?
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2021.12.05 21:18 tossawaywilldelete The person I’m seeing (26M) has oral herpes and I (25 F) do not believe I do. He didn’t tell me right away. I am not sure what to do. Should I have even expected him to?

First here’s some information I literally just recently found out: if you ever had a cold sore around your mouth, that is HSV-1, otherwise known as oral herpes. HSV-2 is genital herpes, a sexually transmitted disease. Most people have HSV-1 and do not realize or they received it as a small child.
Second: I suppose it isn't a big deal as it is a fairly common virus; I did not know every person I saw w a cold sore around their mouth actually had a strand of herpes.
But I guess the stigma behind the word "herpes" + the fact that I do not believe I have it (as I’ve never had a cold sore) is giving me anxiety?
I think what’s also kind of bothering me is that he didn’t tell me BEFORE we became physical or at the very least, immediately after our relationship became physical.
He recently told me he felt a coldsore coming in and needed to go to the doctor. He didn’t acknowledge that he has oral herpes but IYKYK. It has been mos and we have been together multiple times
I understand the statistics and how common it is amongst the general population, and this may be why he doesn’t see it as a big deal.
But bc it affects my health, I think I should’ve known before or at least sooner. (The first time we kissed was very heat of the moment & I get that). Is it appropriate for me to feel this way?
I gave it some thought and I think I would’ve continued seeing him — but I would’ve definitely respected and appreciated the fact that he was upfront about it. Ya know?
I may have even talked to my doctor to get a bit more educated and talk about ways to be precautious.
I’m going to get tested tomorrow. There’s a chance it doesn’t show up even if I already have gotten it from him. So at that point I will know if I did have it and was asymptomatic.
Pls offer advice to ease my anxiety and/or how to approach speaking w/ him about it. I am happy he has told me and I don’t want to make him uncomfortable or ashamed about the fact that he has it. But I do think it is important to address my concerns about him not telling me sooner about something he has that can affect my health.
TLDR: person I’m seeing has oral herpes and I do not believe I do. He didn’t tell me anything until he had an outbreak, and I felt he should’ve. I want to be supportive but I also want to address that he should’ve told me. I don’t know if my feelings are appropriate
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2021.12.05 21:18 clip_mirror_bot Miz Small Hasan Big - Based Take

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2021.12.05 21:18 Tim-the-Tool-Man Are there any suction cup mounts for the Blueskysea B1W and are they worth buying?

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