I photographed the band Ice Nine Kills in Providence on Saturday night. He came out with a tool some of us may know...

2021.12.08 07:25 riguitargod I photographed the band Ice Nine Kills in Providence on Saturday night. He came out with a tool some of us may know...

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2021.12.08 07:25 Superhero__landing Get me one exxtra large_______

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2021.12.08 07:25 morcille Best place to play? Where are there most players?

So I'm playing on Windows 10 Game pass at the moment and loving the game, so thinking about getting it on steam.
Do you know if there are more players to play with on Steam? Will it be roughly the same? Any differences between versions I should know?
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2021.12.08 07:25 BelleAriel Daily reminder. Don't be fooled by side narratives.

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2021.12.08 07:25 pokeope Is it the same with y’all?

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2021.12.08 07:25 Galahartg Silver Rathalos vs Heroics SLAPLANCE | 01'40''56

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2021.12.08 07:25 TomatoSlight In Heck...

All the tissue is 0.5 ply. HAHAHA
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2021.12.08 07:25 tusketweather Currently

Conditions observed at 6:00AM | Temp: -1.1°C | Dew point: -5.5°C | Humidity: 72.3﹪| Wind: NNE 4.4 gust 16.2km/h | Rainfall: 0.0mm | Pressure: 1022.2hPa | #Tusket #Canada #WX
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2021.12.08 07:25 Throwaway532532522 I come from a country that doesn't recognize gender, and only recognizes sex. Ask me anything.

For example, unless you've had hormone, and surgery to physically become the other sex, you can't legally have your driver's license and other documents changed. Most people here agree that this is the most realistic approach to something like this and I have to agree as well. We don't recognize the phenomenon of a girl being a man if she happens to like wearing shorts or play videogames.
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2021.12.08 07:25 redit202 +1,730 new cases = 222,261 total cases in Australia, +7 deaths = 2,072 total deaths in Australia


National COVID-19 update today, 8 December 2021
Locally acquired HQ/Overseas TOTAL
Victoria 1,303 9 1,312
NSW 403 0 403
ACT 8 0 8
Queensland 2 0 2
Western Australia 🍩 0 0
South Australia 2 1 3
Northern Territory 2 0 2
Tasmania 🍩 0 0
TOTAL 1,720 10 1,730

Days since last locally acquired case as at 8 December 2021
Last locally acquired case Days
ACT 08/12/2021 0
Northern Territory 08/12/2021 0
NSW 08/12/2021 0
Queensland 08/12/2021 0
South Australia 08/12/2021 0
Tasmania 21/11/2021 17
Victoria 08/12/2021 0
Western Australia 23/09/2021 76
💉 Vaccinating Australia For more information about the COVID-19 vaccine in your state or territory, see the following links: ACT | NSW | NT | QLD | SA | Tas | Vic | WA

State Immunisation Hubs Last 24h Total Doses Last 24h Doses per 100 population
Victoria 4,785,518 +3,513 10,776,363 +12,100 160.96
NSW 4,230,186 +2,759 13,029,027 +13,894 159.59
Queensland 2,985,371 +10,970 7,419,628 +33,055 143.39
WA 1,695,680 +4,228 3,740,912 +13,283 140.54
SA 1,241,046 +3,356 2,645,125 +9,141 149.50
Tasmania 466,071 +1,127 864,536 +3,350 159.92
ACT 492,907 +1,705 971,897 +2,151 225.45
NT 231,034 +1,010 391,770 +1,443 159.26
Federal Residential Care - - 1,139,804 +2,237 -
GP/Respiratory Clinics - - 22,571,641 +57,512 -
Australia 16,127,813 +28,668 39,839,258 +88,417 155.10

Chart: Vaccinations by State/Program
Links and resources
Data Sources: Ken Tsang, Department of Health and COVID Live.
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2021.12.08 07:25 IwasRavingIn_90s Will this happen again next year, or will it be rescheduled?

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2021.12.08 07:25 Gudridr Berner Reveals A Never-Heard-Before Fact About Gotti: “I Even Reached Out To JAY-Z” - rappersmag - First Source For Rap and Movie World

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2021.12.08 07:25 Anxious_normalcy Who are your favorite comedians?

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2021.12.08 07:25 ShayGru9 Is it possible to find a solution for this question here?

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2021.12.08 07:25 ThrowRAObliviousPact My friend might be romantically interested in me, and I don't reciprocate; how do I react if she is?

Heads up, this is gonna be long, mostly explaining why she may or may not "like" me. Using an alt because posting this will probably mess with my anxiety (specifically, social anxiety, which is relevant later. And yes, it is medically diagnosed with prescribed medication, it's not self diagnosed or made up for internet cred or whatever), so I want to be able to ignore it for a few days until I can talk myself into looking at it. As such, since I won't be responding to questions until probably the weekend at the earliest, I've added as much detail as I possibly could, and then some. Hopefully that's enough. Also, I'm going to preface this by saying I have the social skills of a particularly rotten potato and I've literally had people tell me they like/used to like me and still not had it register that they like(d) me until much later; that's the oblivious part of my username. I'm genuinely confused here, but then again, I always am with anything remotely relationship based.
Tl;dr: female friend I've known for years might be flirting with me, does she like me? How can I gently let her down?
So, I (18M) and my good friend (18F, I'll call her June because that's the first female name I thought of--note added after writing: I forgot I said this, but it's after 3AM and I really don't want to go and change some "she"s to "June"s, so just be aware I call her June like twice and use she/her the rest of the time) who I've known since high school are currently going to the same university. Especially since she broke up with her last boyfriend when he moved across the country in May (she didn't want to do long distance, the three of us are all still good friends), we've spent more time together--I have social anxiety and don't make friends easily, and I am her geographically closest best friend after last boyfriend moved across the country and female best friend moved out of state for college, so it worked out.
For almost as long as I've known her, and especially now, people have thought we were dating, and, when they find out we're not, try to change that. By people, I mean my parents, her parents, all our mutual friends, former co-workers (both hers and mine), random people we've ran into in public settings, my friends who she doesn't know, et cetera, to the point where it's become a running joke that "that person probably thinks we're a couple." I'm just realizing as I'm typing this that she is always the one to bring that up.
Now, because this happens all the time, we've had multiple conversations on why we don't(/won't) date each other. I don't date in general; casual dating has never been something that interested me, and I'm not ready for a long term relationship emotionally, financially, or at this period of my life; mix in my social anxiety, the whole mess of my first date (June set me up on a blind date with aforementioned female best friend who moved out of state. It went weird, and the aftermath included the statement that dating me was "a nice mistake," to sum it up), the blandness of my second date (my autistic friend asked my socially anxious self to Sadie's. We both agreed afterwards that it was rather 'meh' and the music was too loud and in general a poor selection), and the fact my parents have spent the last two years trying to get me to date/threatening to force me to date, and you've got a great recipe for me being single for a loooooong time. She's told me she wants to be single right now for various reasons of her own, which she has explained to me on multiple occasions but I won't elaborate on here because that's not my story to tell (don't worry, it's nothing bad, traumatic, or that I've been sworn to secrecy over, just I don't feel it's my place to tell the whole internet why June wants to be single). We've agreed we don't want to date each other, and she's told me explicitly on several occasions she's not into me.
Three Sundays ago she texted me there was a dance coming up and that I should ask someone. I said no, because I don't go to dances, and she said something along the lines of "you didn't even let me tell you who I was going to tell you to ask." A bit of guessing and prodding later, she admits she wanted to have me ask her (she wanted to wear her favorite dress), then immediately backtracked and said it was rude of her to say that because she knows I don't want to go.
I told her I might have other commitments that day (she wasn't sure of the date, but I had a band concert in the range given, the concert was the day before the dance but I ended up being out of town anyway), but I'd be willing to take her if I was free. She told me not to worry about it, she shouldn't have asked, et cetera. She texted me the day of to remind me about it, I said I was out of town. She replied "sorry," and, when asked, clarified "That you can't come to the dance, but maybe you aren't sad about that," which felt maybe a little bitter? Or I might be overthinking it.
I've been noticing recently that she seems to be resting on me/using me as a pillow(?), especially when we get together with our friends Sunday nights (she goes to bed at like 9 or 10, so she's usually tired by the time it starts at 8). Plus, she also 'steals' my hats (I get them back eventually), which my mom says is because she's flirting. I feel like this is also the point to mention she once offered to give me a goodnight kiss on the cheek if I asked, because my parents were asking why I didn't get a goodnight kiss after she came over for game night. I never bother to ask, I'm perfectly fine with never having been kissed or having kissed.
Plus, for the last two weeks she's been trying to convince me that we have a pact to get married if we're both still single at 35 (this is the biggest reason I'm posting, for some reason the "we agreed to get married" claim is the biggest 'red flag' that she likes me--you know, writing it like that makes me understand why it's a 'red flag'). I have no memory of making this agreement, and neither she nor I can find record of it (she says we made it over text, it's not in my messages or our discord DMs). (This is the pact part of my username)
I've also had a lot of people tell me that she definitely likes me and that's why she was sad/bitter when I said no (before she asked me), reacted surprised when she asked me, told her I probably couldn't go, and then confirmed I couldn't go.
Does she like me? Then why would she lie about not wanting to date me/not being into me. I wasn't lying when I said I don't want to date and that I don't romantically 'like' her; if she does like me, what's the best way to let her down gently--she's still my friend, and I don't want to hurt her, but I'm also really bad at saying no or turning people down (thanks, anxiety!)?
Sorry that's so long and convoluted. If anything is confusing, feel free to ask; I'll try to give you clarification when I come back.
Thank you all for reading this far and for any help you offer! Y'all are amazing!
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2021.12.08 07:25 pjes ESXi/vCenter labels/comments/descriptions for disks and network interface

It'd be much easier for me if ESXi/vCenter could allow adding labels/comments/descriptions for disks and network interface at VM's hardware level settings. If you have many VM/templates with multiple disks and network interfaces, one can easily get confused. Is there a such feature planned or is there other approach to achieve this?
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2021.12.08 07:25 CatrinaRene GRLLA token was just listed on Pancake Swap - Starting marketcap is 100k

GRLLA token was just listed on pancake swap a few hours ago.. the starting marketcap is 100k.
This token will power NFT Gorilla, a platform for buying rare and expensive crypto items and virtual collectibles.
This project only launched a week ago, and already they have over 1000 users in the telegram channel helping, the guy running the project has a big team and 5 years experience promoting crypto projects.
This team has multiple developers, a team of top artists, a huge shill team, the liquidity was locked for 1 year and the idea for the platform is amazing!!
To buy NFTs on this platform you must use GRLLA tokens, which means their will be an organic eco system of buy and sell orders for this token.
Token website - https://grlla.io
Twitter - https://twitter.com/grllatoken
Telegram - https://t.me/GRLLAGANG
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2021.12.08 07:25 CJ_the_rancher On This Day, Dec. 8: John Lennon shot to death in NYC

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2021.12.08 07:25 NoIdeaForAName531 found a very round pigeon. b o r b

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Someone who knows and values communication and values female friends. I want someone who's good with conversation and will not bore me out, A man that is ready to have a girl as his best friend. I await your message in the chat option as it's easier for me to reply there. Pls be within the United States I can't travel out.
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2021.12.08 07:25 Legitimate_Primary_5 ~

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Mod is half asleep, have fun in the comments.
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2021.12.08 07:25 HckmstrRahul Hunted my first Web3 resource on Product Hunt!

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2021.12.08 07:25 KiraGreenHearted *free* kira + future + zaytoven type beat "tall bih" (Prod. by Elton)

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2021.12.08 07:25 Opt10 Is night that bad

Are there scarier enemies or is it just darker
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