an interesting photo

2021.10.17 03:31 Lopsided_Range9197 an interesting photo

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2021.10.17 03:31 GhostArtistYT The Greatest American Hero: Ralph yeets dudes off a jet

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2021.10.17 03:31 PortalJaam Will I loose my sub streak if I repeatedly use my prime sub on a streamer?

Will I?
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2021.10.17 03:31 guillelalatina So beatifull ☀️

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2021.10.17 03:31 Tribalbob Highway 4 question

Hey all, heading to Ucluelet from Vancouver tomorrow.
I checked drivebc and had a couple questions about the construction.

  1. It looks like construction isn't occurring on Sunday, is that correct?
  2. I'm returning home on Thursday; road is closed between 11am and 3pm, are they letting traffic through at all?
  3. Given all the rain, should I be careful of any stretches? I haven't been along that highway in like 20 years; got proper M+S tires, recently had brakes replaced.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.17 03:31 yellow_nicky Yang by yellow_nicky

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2021.10.17 03:31 hauserd Ah that feeling, priceless!

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2021.10.17 03:31 DaveyRosey Re-Pitch: Toilow™️ AKA The Tublet™️

Folks allow me to pose a question. What’s one of the worst parts about doodieing? Well if any of you ate any of those hot spicy Buffalo wings this super bowl Sunday then you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s those seldom but scary hot tamale shits that I’m worried about in this episode and that got me a stinking. How can I ameliorate that little brown hole turning a fiery red and then it hit me. Let me explain. As some of you may know I watch a lot of teen mom and these little girls who pound out those baby cakes really inspired me not only because they’re willing to forgo their lives for some indecent unprotected sex but that they’re able to endure that pain. A pain I could hardly fathom until super bowl Sunday. And I noticed a lot of women these days are forgoing the hospital birth in lieu of you guessed it those underwater births. And that got me thinking about my b-hole stinking. Allow me to introduce to you the first of its kind The Toilow or the tublet-and what it does is mirrors the underwater birth. What we’re doing here is submerging your sphincter 2 centimeters below water level so we can keep that throbbing hole below the flow. That’s right we’re talking about submerged underwater poops. Now we all remember 1998 when jeff pooped in a Disney resort hot tub in Orlando Florida so perhaps he could attest to this most fervently but it’s safe to say that pain is diluted under water. The toi low or the tublet is ergonomically designed to keep you low in the bowl keeping all your excavations below sea level. So just to be clear yes we’re pooping underwater. And of course this is a double flush toilet to make sure you’re clean as can be seen below the belt. And we’re actually in talks with the creators of the bi-David to see if there’s any cross-contamination we can spew. So come on down. That’s right come on way down low and the next time you drop your kids off at the pool make sure it’s during a flash flood.
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2021.10.17 03:31 codyrin1 Any Satanist Groups?

I have recently gotten interested in the ideals of satanism and was wandering if there are any groups who actively meet up. I would love to sit in on a meeting/gathering and learn more.
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2021.10.17 03:31 thenameshaz Who was that one person humming at end of skeletons?

Need to know
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2021.10.17 03:31 TheTriumphofSteel Beam 3D Prism build plate problems

Hello, I just got a beam 3d prism from a friend. Been trying to get it to work but nothing is sticking to the build plate. Used the shim fix from the company's youTube video and put the plate on lock and that didn't really work even using a the exact same file and settings used on my elegoo Mars 2 pro. The platforms were instead stuck to the fep sheet. So I cranked the bottom layer exposure time to 80 and only a little bit of one of the builds stuck that wasn't supported the rest is on the fep again. Anyone have any experience with beam 3d or a way to fix this issue? Thank you
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2021.10.17 03:31 lllaser Illya and Ruby

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2021.10.17 03:31 confirmed-loser Best radar to buy? (new)

Asking questions price range isn’t a big deal I just recently copped myself a ticket and thought I’d invest in a nice radar for my car. None of my friends know anything and when I read pros and cons lists I get lost.
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2021.10.17 03:31 dittidot So many candles, so little cake!

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2021.10.17 03:31 throwawave223 I want to understand why I am so addicted to social media

21 M here, for the longest I realized that I am so addicted to instagram. Any other app I dont care about. Twitter gets annoying and snapchat is boring. But I am so fucking addicted to instagram. People say that everyone is addicted to social media nowadays so it's "okay" but I disagree. I'm suspicious that there is something really wrong with my life Im distracting myself from. Any bit of free time I get, scroll through instagram. Lunch break at work, instagram. Any given free time, social media. I have no hobbies, I don't like my social life, and I have this addiction. Can anyone maybe with a similar issue in the past give me some advice? Maybe someone who knows about addictions give me a possible reason for this? My usual screen time per day is like 6-7 hours, and since I became aware of this I've been cutting down, but I can't imagine what I would do with that time if It wasn't being spent on social media flipping through apps or listening to music (another addiction I have). I do not want to waste my time energy and life basically watching other people live. This problem seems to plague my generation nobody has a real answer for it and Im destined to find it. Im pretty sure its just another form of escapism but nobody in my life really goes deep into the topic, it seems like its too early for society to figure out because social media is so new and this addiction is so new to us as people. thanks
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2021.10.17 03:31 Astrixzzz Where’s that tweet of Carti dissing Rocky back in 2011?

Add body text
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2021.10.17 03:31 vanhoutens Questions on finding visiting scholar positions

I am a phd student in Canada entering 2nd year of my program (so it is start of 2nd of 4 year program). I have read literature in the past one year and now trying to write up my proposal...
One thing is that I'd like to get more exposure as a researcher. So I am trying to plan in advance for visiting scholar positions. I have read the works of many researchers so I have a list of people who I'd like to learn from.
My questions are:
1) It is said that usually visiting positions depend on the connections of my supervisor(s). I guess it means I have less chance to get a response if I were to email these people directly? I have a feeling professors might not usually be keen on taking in visiting students.
2) How long do visiting positions last? Would 4 months typically be enough to lead to a publication? (i guess this depends on my skill set and project scope)...
3) At which stage of a phd do people usually go visit other institutions? I assume it is after thesis proposal exam (end of 2nd year? )
4) I assume it would be easier to contact professors in your alma-mater as well if there's any professors in research area?
Sorry for any poorly worded questions; I am just trying to plan for this and get any suggestion / advice. And.i hope my questions could be relevant to another grad student out there.
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2021.10.17 03:31 Avenger85438 The trend of people who like to whine that they, as "Old fans" are not being catered to, are like those people who say no to a party invite, and then get indignated those who did go had the audacity to have a good time without them

They could have been a part of the the audiance, but chose to exclude themselves, yet somehow their the victim for not getting a say in which decorations or food is arranged for then on, when they never wanted take part in the first place.
Its especially grating when they clam "Nobody" Ie. "They" want whats being arranged, because apparently them, (and whatevrer little circle their in) preferences take priority.
Just because someone has excluded themselves from part of an audiance for somthing they dislike doesn't mean there Isn't one out there. To think otherwise is just arrogant, ComicsGate/GamersGate/TheFandomMenance.
(I'm fairly certain there's they all overlap, with those three groups, if their not the exact same people)
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2021.10.17 03:31 Hummerous Netflix, Dave Chappelle and Transphobia

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2021.10.17 03:31 -BIZARRO- H: Power Armor W: Offers

I'm looking for heavies (particularly V 50 cal), unarmed melee, UNY scout pieces, or commando in that order of priority.
Here are the pieces:
B/AP/BS T-51b RA
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2021.10.17 03:31 VThunter06 Thought about lawyers

Lawyers are on the “good side” of the law but they get paid to keep killers out of jail.
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2021.10.17 03:31 Prestigious-Fault904 BRAND VENDOR

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2021.10.17 03:31 mylifeasVal My boyfriend (M22) told me (F23) that he will commit suicide in few months and I don’t know what to do

We’ve been together for 6 months now, I also moved to his country (not just for him but it was a big part of the decision). He has some problems that I know, he is under psychiatric control cause he had schizophrenic events when he was young and he takes pills for this (but when I met him he was taking a lot, now less than half of it cause with me he is controlling everything better). After the last control they reduce the medicaments to just 2 and it was seeming okay but then one day he told me that if he will not graduate in September he will kill himself and it’s actually impossible for him to graduate by that time cause of the amount of exams/semester etc (like in a practical way not because of him). I was with him, I tried to say everything but in these situation nothing seems right. I didn’t know what to do cause his mother actually hate me cause she thinks he spends his money for me (I work and I share my money with him if he needs cause we both students and I think that who has more gives more cause we are equal). So I write to his greatest friend that I met and who also share a similar “clinic” history with him. He talked to me and I was feeling a bit better cause I said he would come to our city to see how he was but at the end he didn’t manage. The problem is that yesterday I was working and he was with his flatmates at my workplace; I did a pause with them and during the pause he said that again and it was terrible cause I had to go back to work and I had several panic attacks during it and I really couldn’t leave. I really feel like he needs help but I feel like I’m giving everything I can, I go with him to classes, I printed the papers for his exams, I try to study together etc. We are really happy together, we smile a lot and he always says that I’m the best thing that happened to him and wasn’t feeling this happy for a long time. The real problem is that I also have some unsolved situation ( don’t want to say that I’m not stable cause I study, I work, I have a normal organised life, a good family etc but still I have some insecurities) and I don’t think I have the knowledge to actually help him, I mean I can be with him, make him happy in the everyday life but still he needs help. I also have nobody to talk with about this cause I just tried to worry his flatmates (cause we/they are close) but I don’t want to expose him in a way he doesn’t want and make them know something that he doesn’t want them to know. I really want to help him but I’m also losing myself. I really feel like I never felt like I’m feeling with him but I’m also really hurt. I really think this situation is bigger than me and I don’t how I have to face the situation. I also don’t know how to talk to him like the day after he says these things cause I don’t want to do it in a wrong way (I mean I don’t want to put it like you are hurting me saying that, but like you worth more than this but it’s a really big topic and I feel like it’s really easy to go wrong). I’m feel in a hurry to do something but also paralysed cause I don’t know what to do and I’m really scared that it could be too late. Please help me I’m lost, I feel like his life depends on me and I really can’t stand this situation (I know it’s totally unhealthy for me cause I kinda want to die first to not feel it, but I won’t give up on him he needs me)
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2021.10.17 03:31 Flameloud there are two types of gms....

View Poll
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2021.10.17 03:31 JacLeonePS4 New Scientific Ninja Tool - GARBAGE!

Scientific Ninja Claws - new heavy attack + 2 new combos
Scientific Flying Swallow - new heavy attack + 2 new combos
Scientific Ninja Scythe - new heavy attack + 1 new combo
Scientific Ninja Umbrella - no new attacks + no new combos
Really? Really!? Like seriously wtf do these developers have against the healer class? Why create a class if you're going to put them at a constant disadvantage? Its honestly just annoying at this point and its a repetitive pattern like with nuibari (release) having the same combo as the regular when kiba is shooting bolts of lightning and shibuki is creating fire explosions. Unbelievable...
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