Folks on a recent commit of Emacs 28 are seeing xref errors (Fix)

2021.10.17 01:58 temeje Folks on a recent commit of Emacs 28 are seeing xref errors (Fix)

I thought I would just post this error fix I found direct from hlissner on the Discord channel which was bugging me for a while:

Folks on a recent commit of Emacs 28 are seeing xref errors such as:
The cause: a breaking change in xref:
The workaround: pin xref to the last known working ref: a82f459b37b31546bf274388baf8aca79e9c30d9
;; in $DOOMDIpackages.el (package! xref :pin "a82f459b37b31546bf274388baf8aca79e9c30d9")
Then doom sync -u and restart Emacs.
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2021.10.17 01:58 Its_GmanHD unfunny

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2021.10.17 01:58 TN_Egyptologist Palette inscribed for Smendes, High Priest of Amun

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2021.10.17 01:58 Venture334455 2 or 4 sticks for 5600x?

Currently building a 5600x system with a 3080 or 80ti, haven't decided yet. I've got 2 8gb 3200 cl16 sticks of ram which i believe are single rank. I've read some studies and watched some videos on ryzen benefiting from 4 sticks of ram or dual rank. Is it worth buying and set of ram sticks?
Gamers nexus testing shows up to 10% improvements in certain tasks and applications, 3-5% in others.
For a pure 1440p gaming rig, is it worth getting more ram?
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2021.10.17 01:58 roylv22 I'm still far from being able to one cycle the annoying pyro cube in 11-3, so here's my latest solution

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2021.10.17 01:58 anonymousbb_ Make an offer 🤤😉

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2021.10.17 01:58 laramgers88 Rams vs Giants Parlay. Thought?

Rams vs Giants Parlay. Thought?
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2021.10.17 01:58 MagicTntPenguin The ep songs in the eps sound much better than them on night visions

They sound cleaner and you can hear Brittany Tolman easier in the songs. Hear Me sounds different and better in the EP.
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2021.10.17 01:58 Rexsty Yarın bu ülkenin ne kadar yarraktan bir adalet sistemine sahip olduğunu kanıtlar nitelikte kendi şahit olduğum bir olayı anlatacağım, iyi geceler.

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2021.10.17 01:58 CutiePieRacer19 Yellow Tracksuit kinda day

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2021.10.17 01:58 bubbletaekook If someone likes men FAR more in “quantity” but likes women more in “quality” or intensity, is that considered a preference for men or women?

Example: Someone who has/has had crushes on like 30+ men but only 2-3 women, but they like the women far more.
Is that a preference for men or preference for women?
I don’t know how to describe/label that. Of course it doesn’t technically matter, but I would still like to know.
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2021.10.17 01:58 VertigoIncarne So, 4 months ago I asked for your advice - and now I need it again

So, 4 months ago I wrote a post titled "I'm 29 and my father still refers to himself as "Daddy"..."
I was asking for advice about blocking his phone number after moving away unnoticed. One of you lovely Redditors strongly suggested that I block him immediately and if/when I'm ever ready to confront things, etc. I want you to know, I took your advice.
Unbeknownst to me when you block someone - they can still leave you a voicemail... You don't see the call, you don't here the ring.. or the name. But - when you receive that random voicemail with no trace - you know who it is. So, now I'm on the verge of changing my telephone number. My whole job is on my phone so - that's not the easiest task.
Many things have happened since I last posted, and many attempts have been made to contact me by almost everyone I don't want to be contacted by. An aunt passed away, another fell ill and so on. I've stayed strong and have stayed no-contact, blocking every suspicious number sent my way. But, now after my aunt's passing one of her children have reached out to me on social media. I'm actually connected on social media with their siblings and them being the youngest I didn't want to leave them out. Even though - you truly can't put it past her bloodline and relatives to use her to get to me. Her first question was about my moving.... Already I'm paranoid. I ignored the comment and the conversation went well and then... It came.... they'd like to see me.
I can't project this paranoia and fear on (what I still consider) a child. I don't think it's fair of me to tell her about all the issues going on and explain my trauma/situation with the family she's somewhat connected to. (Mind you she doesn't exactly live near any of the people I am no-contact with) And on the other side... I have no family at this point.. and the hopeful side of me really wishes I could have some extended family that wasn't toxic.. and it's not fair to them to deny a family/relationship based on the wrong-doings of their elder-family.
So... Yeah... That's what I need help with. Also - if I do decide to meet with them.. and it is an ambush.. I know I need to confront my trauma and my feelings and I know that doesn't necessarily mean I have to confront my father per se.. but part of me thinks it might feel nice to tell him to go fuck himself. And that maybe writing a letter, even if I don't send it might feel nice..
Anyway - please, advice to both matter please. Any help is appreciated. I greatly appreciate all of you.
Ps. Sorry for the length.
TL;DR - I posted awhile back about my narcissistic father who refers to himself as "Daddy" and inevitably blocked him. He's been trying to contact ever since, since for some reason he can still leave voicemails. I may have to confront the situation as well as my own trauma. Extended family (younger-ish) possibly being used as bait, is it fair to be paranoid? Not sure about being honest about the need for no-contact to them to ensure safety, etc... HELP.
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2021.10.17 01:58 BothSun9930 Help

Hi, i need someone who can write japanese well, i want to translate "live and explore" phrase. Just dont screw me its for tattoo. (I dont trust google translate much haha)
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2021.10.17 01:58 Immediate_Question99 💟 MINI BITCOIN CASH 💟 Stealth Launch 💟 Listed On PancakeSwap 💟 Liquidity locked 💟

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🎯 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
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🎯 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.17 01:57 8th_Hurdle [SECRET] Death and Taxes

9th September 2037;
What is assured in life is death and taxes. Of course, the Pope has now suffered from the former, and the ruling parties have increased the taxes in the meanwhile when no one suspected it, which has meant that everyone is now of more mixed emotions.
In the early hours of the prior Tuesday night, when travelling from an impromptu trip to Rome, from a diplomatic visit to Vienna and Bratislava with Prime Minister Saggio, after hearing of the death of a Cardinal and the need to appoint a new one, Pope Francis suffered heart failure at the age of 100, and was pronounced dead on the emergency landing in Bologna. His death marks the end of one of the longest lasting leaderships left from before the Collapse, that of the Papacy, and has come at the shock of both political and church figures. In the visit to Vienna, he did complain about pain in breathing to one of his Swiss Guards, yet other than this minor issue, no other signs had been found beforehand. Led off the plane under a blanket, his death marks the vacancy of both the Presidential and Papal positions, both hard to fill.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the 17th December 1936, and rose through society via the jobs of bouncer, janitor, food technician, and, finally, after a long illness, was ordained as a Catholic priest in 1969, becoming part of the Society of Jesus in the process. By 1992, he was appointed to become the position of the Assistant Bishop of Buenos Aires, and from there, ascended the ranks of the Catholic Church. By 1998, with the death of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio himself became the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and, under Pope John Paul II, was appointed to the position of Cardinal.
From Cardinal, there was only one promotion left in the Catholic Church, and that was to Pope. With the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005, an opportunity presented itself for Bergoglio to ascend to Papacy, and it was reported that he was a popular candidate to be Pope- however, due to Bergoglio deciding to not present himself as a willing candidate, which resulted in the Papacy instead being passed on to Pope Benedict XVI. However, during his time as Cardinal, he became well-known among the community of Cardinals as one who followed a less elaborate lifestyle, and one who had more humility and forgiveness than others.
Of course, with the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI, a new Papal election came about, and Bergoglio was once again a leading candidate for the position. Therefore, more willing to ascend and with the main challengers of Ouellet and Scola falling away after Scola lost popularity and Ouellet, unaware of the former, pushed his support towards Bergoglio, Bergoglio was elected on the 5th ballot of the Papal elections on the 13th March 2013. He chose the name ‘Francis’ as to reference the Saint Francis of Assisi.
After his election, Pope Francis showed himself to be a fan of travelling, and he visited many countries worldwide in the pre-Collapse and pre-Covid years. Francis showed himself to be a fairly non-conservative Pope, who stuck to his more simplistic and unextravagent lifestyle, becoming known as a good reformer of the Church, and a man who was respected due to his humility. His opinions on many issues, such as same-sex marriage and abortion, very much divided the Catholic Church, yet he showed himself to be quite progressive on these issues among others, helping to reform the Catholic Church into what it is today, though during this all, though actions slowed it, many dismissed the Church and converted to Atheism, a rising answer to the lack of faith in religious organisations worldwide.
After the Collapse, Pope Francis merely tried to pull back together the Catholic Church from the shakes of the event, and was able to succeed in bringing back together these organisations. He tolerated the re-integration of the Vatican into Italy, stating that times were changing, the world was shifting, and the Vatican must shift with it. Not too long into the post-Collapse years, he travelled to the new USA presiding over much of the Indian subcontinent, under control of the Dalai Lama, and taught the man how to rule over the country, whilst still making trips between the USA capitol and the Vatican, as to keep control over the Papacy. Once he found himself not needed in the USA, he quietly made his way back to Rome, but he was not quiet for long.
In August 2032, realisation that Italy’s Presidential election had not taken place at the original 2031 date meant that an impromptu election had to take place. With the at-the-time President Saggio losing support due to the lack of Lega in the government, Chambre, and Senate, she decided to place her full support and funds behind Pope Francis, who was encouraged to run for the office by the Cardinals as a representation of power, and humility when Pope Francis took good care of it. Therefore, with the government split between Grasso and di Maio over their choice, and with Forza seeing Pope Francis as a good alternative, Pope Francis won the election, promising to split time between his positions wisely, and act in the correct position at the correct time.
His Presidency, shortened by Francis’s death, was one that was very stable. For most of it, he presided over a mixed Lega-led coalition, with Saggio as Prime Minister, and usually studied laws very carefully. He rightfully objected to a new law that would place his powers at the Prime Ministers, showing off his righteous nature, and morality. In fact, for the first time since the Collapse, he was able to travel to foreign countries as the Pope- these being Japan and the CNK. His third visit, to Danubia, unfortunately, was his last as, during a flight back to Rome, Pope Francis suffered heart failure, on the 8th September 2037, at the old age of 100. This marks the extraordinary life of a single man ending, and the end of one of the most senior pre-Collapse leaders among us.
Secret; Unfortunately for Francis, it was not heart failure that caused his death, though he never knew it, and it was in fact food poisoning from a lunch had with Saggio earlier that day, the last meal they shared before the Pope has to rush to Rome. Upon hearing of the return soon happening, Saggio requested the poisoning of Pope Francis’s food by the chef, Jorge Dali, and was out for his death- it prevented her from being able to consolidate power under herself, due to his righteous objections, and he was needed out. Besides, who would suspect such a death as being intentional, especially from a man 100 years old? No one, and that’s what Saggio thought.
At least, that’s what she thought...
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2021.10.17 01:57 No-Cupcake-8666 I need to rant

I work retail in a small town, so naturally I hear everyone's shitty opinions. I'm not allowed to have one or I'll lose my job.
At least 10 people/day complain to me about how no one wants to work. Or they'll say something like "At least you're working! You can't say that for many people anymore!"
As if on top of bullshit pay/treatment damn near everyone has to endure to even be employed, we haven't lost a big percentage of our population due to a pandemic that is not even over.
Who the FUCK wants to work when no one can even live on their wages? Who wants to sacrifice their literal fucking lives to a respiratory virus to serve ungrateful locals?
The only reason I went back to work was because capitalism made me feel guilty. I was off for 18 months after I was laid off due to Rona, tried to work before vaccines, decided it wasn't worth it, then my unemployment stopped because I quit "voluntarily," so then I didn't have a choice.
I work part time, minimum wage. And for what? My car payment and my car insurance. My job pays for me to have a way to get to my job. My fiance luckily supports us - being a single person with no one to depend on with a minimum wage job is useless because you can't even afford a roof over your head, so why bother?
So idk, dummies, why doesn't anyone wanna work? It's almost like the system is exploiting them during a historic worldwide health crisis. It's almost like we have LESS people to hire because a bunch of them fucking died.
How entitled are you to not realize what's happening. It blows my mind that there are tons of people that aren't/haven't been affected by any of these things. What??? How???
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2021.10.17 01:57 Stupid15yoSlut bro i woke up super fuckin late

its like almost 10:30am wtf mannnn
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2021.10.17 01:57 BigNasty06 Full-time sales rep + Part-time rep

Hi All,
Has anyone worked two sales jobs simutanouesly?
Currently working as a SaaS Business Development Rep remotely, full-time. Also, have a current offer to work 10hrs/wk as a sales consultant to help a small-time start-up in the same industry (non-competing products), to develop their sales process and build targetted lists.
Looking for some insight on anyone who has been in a similar position and how did you manage it?
Thank you!
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2021.10.17 01:57 z_autumnjoy Seat Cushion Recommendation for Bad Hips?

I tried searching the sub for recommendations but I can only really find info for back support. We’re working on our first build, a Chevy G20. It has surprisingly nice seats for such an old van (it’s a year older than me lol) so the seats themselves don’t need to be replaced or updated. However, I’m going to be the designated passenger and I have a lot of hip/leg problems, mainly nerve issues in my hips and knee ligament sensitivity. On drives longer than an hour I get pretty sore and need to stretch. I’ve been looking at seat cushion options but there are so many brands out there and I don’t have the option to try a all of them out before we leave. Has anyone found a great cushion that they swear by? I’m willing to spend a little more than I usually would for the right amount of comfort.
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2021.10.17 01:57 stxrbuck_moons does anyone have ideas for Halloween-themed rat cage items/toys?

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2021.10.17 01:57 Notjustadreamx Travel/Lifestyle pod

Looking for, or happy to start, a travel or lifestyle pod to try and kickstart my algorithm in being featured to a relevant audience!
If anyone can invite me, I’d be much appreciated (@weetravelgram) or drop your handle in the comments below and I’ll make one.
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2021.10.17 01:57 true_sun_god1000 Banana farm paragon leak!

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2021.10.17 01:57 AidanITC2 Friendly Fire

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2021.10.17 01:57 SeafootGames Undercity Criminals Sewers 40x30x2 Free D&D Multi-Level Battlemap! [OC]

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2021.10.17 01:57 omegastrike13 let's say someone enters this establishment completely nude. would they get arrested for public indecency even though they are technically accepting the terms of not wanting to wear a mask?

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