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2021.10.17 02:12 daggers1g PS4 or PS5 version?

Are there many people playing on PS5? Is it worth it to get that version or should I just get the ps4 version?
I pretty much only play pro clubs.
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2021.10.17 02:12 JustWolfblood The Batman Offical Trailer Images

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2021.10.17 02:12 RedditRiches Richardson’s post game interview

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2021.10.17 02:12 christyyy_CD What’s the best position?🍑

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2021.10.17 02:12 GildedDye Finish up the skilling pets! Will double as a resource sink.

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2021.10.17 02:12 N0twh0Uth1nk It took a few years but, I FINALLY got my hands on a few of these!

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2021.10.17 02:12 smileimhigh R/SC react after seeing the fast national numbers for the Friday Night Fight

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2021.10.17 02:12 IncZio Bachata Music Hits | Best Romantic Bachata Songs & Latin Love Songs

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2021.10.17 02:12 lirrchick Passed in 75Q!

Hi everyone, I've been a lurker here for a while now. I took the exam for the first time in July and failed in 145Q and was super sad because I studied religiously after my graduation for two months. I used Mark K's lectures and Uworld. After my exam, I thought the nclex was very vague, I had really bad anxiety and I knew for sure that I didn't pass. After I checked the quicks results, I took a break for 2 weeks and tried to get myself together mentally. I kept checking back on this sub to see what helped others pass and saw a lot of Archer and High yield. I knew for sure that I wasn't going to use Uworld as my main question bank since there was a lot of fluff in the questions. I looked into NCSBN learning extension and figured it would be a good resource since they're the ones that make the exam. I purchased the 5 week lesson plan and stuck with it. It was very thorough and each lesson had a pretest, the ppt slides, and then a post test to assess your knowledge. I think it helped me content wise but I still had trouble answering the questions. I watched the High yield youtube video on answering questions with The Method and Ask Graph. It didn't really help me because I don't think I was applying it correctly. But one thing that stuck with me from that video was that the Nclex is a safety exam. So when in doubt, pick the safest answer. I started to do better on the ncsbn le question bank and my scores got better each test. I recommend the learning extension to anyone that needs help with content. It's alot but their questions made me comfortable when I took the nclex. The second time I took the exam, I wrote on my sheet "this is a safety exam" and lab values. I took my time with each question for a total of 3 hours. I had 75 questions this time and my heart dropped when it stopped at 75. I thought I failed. I did the PVT trick and got the good pop up but still waited. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my back.
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2021.10.17 02:12 Zissoou You're tone-deaf and you're forced to sing in public, which song do you choose?

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2021.10.17 02:12 idrinktoomuchwater1 31 [M4F][Relationship][Friendship] BC Canada/anywhere - Voice Clip Inside. Closeted weeb/gamer guy looking for someone who probably doesn't exist

I have mostly nerdy interests. I've been on a pretty big anime kick recently, covid had me run out of normal shows and I think I became a bit of a weeb. Just finished watching the Evangelion series and the rebuild movies. I'd definitely recommend the rebuild movies to someone, I enjoyed them much more than the original series for a variety of reasons.
The video games I tend to gravitate towards are D2 Resurrected, League of Legends (I would love to watch worlds with someone), Teamfight Tactics, Overwatch and Apex Legends but I dabble in fighting games as well. Card games (I'm really good at these/stream on twitch), painting, singing and cooking are some other things I enjoy. I daydream of changing careers and becoming a voice actor, but it's difficult to find the motivation when my current career is pretty good. If you play your cards right I might serenade you with some boy band songs.
If you made it through all of that you will be pleasantly surprised when I mention I'm big into self care, skin care, hygiene and a mild interest in fashion. I can't leave my apartment without showering, and that's probably for the best lol. I'd say I'm average but get called cute often. I struggled a lot with mental illness growing up, and I'm a big advocate for mental health. As I get older I find it harder and harder to build a connection with people, or feel that initial spark. I tend to relate better with people who have overcome adversity in their life.
I've been told I'm very genuine, and I enjoy the company of honest people who can show vulnerability. Hopefully you have a good sense of humor, you're easy to be around and you consider yourself a good person. No selfish/self-entitled people, please. I get along better with people younger than me, because despite having a lot of responsibility in my career I don't have a whole lot in my personal life.
Tell me a bit about yourself if you decide to message me.
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2021.10.17 02:12 Perfilix Why I think CLF is bound to largely exceed expectations in Q3 & Q4

Dear Vitard,
u/HRCGold recently pointed out that LG casually said in a meeting that revenues were expected to be $21 billion dollars in 2021. Just 1 billion more than last guidance, where they indicated $20 billion revenues with $5.5 billion EBITDA. Not a big deal, right? Just 5% more, how could it be so important. Well... let's assume revenues will be at 21 billion.

Unlike most of the American steel industry, we [if you don't have $CLF shares, read: "they"] have been relatively well shielded from inflationary force, thus far, due to our self-sufficiency in raw materials, namely pellets and HBI. More specifically, our overall cost per ton barely moved, compared to the first quarter
COGS for CLF is pretty much static, bar some variation due to energy prices, natural gas, employee-related cost, a bit of chromium, nickel, etc. Iron and coke are integrated. Q1 revenues minus pre-tax income = 3.98 billion. For Q2: 4.03 billion. A 50 million dollar difference. Cost of revenue: 3.76 vs 3.85.
We also use large volumes of natural gas, electricity and industrial gases in our steel manufacturing operations. We negotiate most of our purchases of chrome, industrial gases and a portion of our electricity under multi-year agreements
Increases in natural gas and electricity could hurt Cleveland Cliffs' bottom line. By how much? If we believe this document, energy costs are a low part of costs. Looking at price in July in Ohio and CLF's consumption per annum, I'm guessing it was going at a rate of about 140 million per quarter (total COGS in Q2 was about 3.8 billion). I don't think electricity prices increased all that much, but let me know if I'm wrong.
How about natural gas? I'm not sure. I looked a bit, and it seems that if it's only used for reduction it should have been around 200 millions in Q2 (at $3/t), and could have increased by 50% in Q3, because of natural gas prices. So COGS increases by 100 million. Maybe. I don't know how they handle their natural gas supply (I don't think natural gas is included into "industrial gases" since they are separated in the list), and I did some assumptions (I might well be wrong, don't hesitate to look further into this and share). Note that:
we make forward physical purchases and enter into hedge contracts to manage exposure to price risk related to the purchases of certain raw materials and energy used in the production process.
So they'll be shielded to a point.
*Now the fun part
To get 21 billion in revenues in 2021, you need 12 billion between Q3 and Q4. Or 6B per quarter (I suspect that Q4 will be higher than Q3, we'll see later). That's a whole billion more than in Q2.
As we have seen, the cost structure is relatively stable: about 4B in costs (revenues minus pretax income) in Q1 and Q2 (a bit lower in Q2 in fact). If those costs are stable in Q3 and Q4, that means the extra billion per quarter compared to Q2 goes directly into pre-tax profit (and then remove 21% for taxes and 15 million for noncontrolling interests to get net income, but I'm lazy). That means that EOY EBITDA will be about 6.5 billion instead of 5.5. If natural gas costs indeed increase by 100 million per quarter, that's "only" a 6.3 million EBITDA for the year.
For EPS: it's easy! Q2 net income was about 1 billion, so double that, and you get an estimation of the average EPS between Q3 and Q4 (about 2.66). If COGS does increase by 100 million to about 4.1B, that's 1.9 billion pre-tax profit, so multiply EPS of Q2 by 1.9 (about 2.53).
In fact, ups! I had forgotten, the amount of shares was reduced by 10%. Silly me. We shall then divide those numbers by 0.9, to get 2.96 and 2.81 (assuming and increase of COGS of 0.1 billion per quarter).
Note that this would be the average for Q3 and Q4, and if my calculations are about correct, would imply an average selling price over the 2 quarters of about $1360/nt, assuming shipments of 4.2 million nt per quarter. If inventory goes down (CLF said they had an inventory build of $300,000 in Q2, because of the auto situation), we need a lower average net selling price per ton. I'm gonna assume that this is what happened in Q3, because $1360/nt seems like a very high net selling price, especially considering that most contracts will not have budged.
I'm checked my model against Q1 and Q3 and the guidance (and simply wall street estimations) and try to find other reasons why COGS could go up, but this is what I found. In any case, it's not so difficult to relate revenues to net average selling price per ton, and if LG didn't bullshit, the omen is very good. Maybe he said 21 billion instead of 20.51 billion, and we have to remove half a billion to all that, and get an average EPS of only 2.59.
Why Q4 should be much better than Q3
Some contracts were restarted on Oct 1. From what I gather from people here, contracts start on October 1, January 1, and in the spring (I guess April 1). So Q3 will have have enjoyed the benefit of contracts renewal. I'm gone guess Oct 1 contracts represent 12-15% of the overall shipment (I think closer to 12%)
About 55% of the contracts are not fixed, but based on spot prices. I'm guessing some are at spot, some are with a delay, e.g. based on the average spot price of the last quarter. So some contracts in Q3 will have been based on Q2 prices, the rest on Q3 prices. Some contracts in Q4 will be based on Q3 prices, the rest on Q4 prices. Although prices should go down, Q3 prices (about $1850/nt) were definitely higher than Q2 prices (about $1500/nt). Most likely, Q4 prices will be similar to Q3 prices, maybe they'll be $100/nt lower.
So in addition to the effect of the contracts (say 12% of shipment), the average selling price of the remaining 55% should be much higher, due to the $350/nt difference between Q3 and Q2, which should trump the (maybe) -$100/nt difference between Q4 and Q3.
Nevertheless, to get an EPS of 2.33 in Q3 and a revenue of Q4, if my calculations are correct, you would need an average selling price of $1450/nt in Q4, which seems unrealistic. so I think Q3 EPS will definitely be above 2.33, probably around 2.7, with Q4 at 3.2. Considering a COGS increase of 0.1 billion per quarter due to natural gas prices, probably 2.6 and 3.
Please check the numbers and the reasoning
and let me know how I fucked up. It seems too good to be true. $1360/nt seems high, although a lot of steel from CLF is specialty steel, and if i understood correctly, it can sell ~$200/nt higher than HRC, so it wouldn't be thaaaat crazy I suppose. But I'm struggling to model the selling prices per ton knowing what I know about contract (unless the contracts where really excruciatingly low, but I can't believe it). So I'm not so sure of all that. But I went through it enough time that it's worth sharing.
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2021.10.17 02:12 Schnippleslurp e n e r g y

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2021.10.17 02:12 JG-at-Prime iOS Loopring Wallet App wallet recreation problem

I’m experiencing a problem with the Wallet recreation process on the iOS Loopring Wallet app. I have an updated version of the app installed that has a Wallet that expired creation in it. (Gas fees were exorbitant high - well over $200 USD when I initially tried to create the wallet) This was a week or so ago.
When I attempted to recreate the wallet today, I was presented with a text input box that prompted me to enter “AGREE” in all caps. But both (button) options below it “Let me Think” and “Confirm back” appeared to be variations of the same (abort) choice.
I have attempted to update the app, but with the same results. I was shown the message “An error has occurred, please try again later”.
It may be worthwhile to consider using less “cute” and instead more direct verbiage in the (button) choices. i.e. instead of “Let me Think” just say “Wait” and instead of the very confusing “Confirm back” just say “Continue”, “Confirm”, or “Back”. Whatever the intended action was.
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2021.10.17 02:12 Traditional_Tune3835 Graduate Level Writing for all Your Assignment Needs. I am an expert Writer Capable of Handling Any College Assignments from Research papers to Dissertations. HIRE ME at Homeworkpedia4@gmail.com Discord: Homeworkpedia#3971

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2021.10.17 02:12 Anthony-the-halo-fan Bot Cheated?

Alright I’m fuming at what just happened, but I’m wondering if it happened to anyone else. I was playing the event when I got matched with a bot, maybe it was a guy who had bot in his name I don’t know but on turn 4 he plays a vehicle that Costed 7 with the stats of 7/5 that did 4 damage to target and adjacent targets and also plays 2 salamander frontlines that costed 4 and 5 on the same turn. I was completely flabbergasted with what just happened ON TURN 4!!! I couldn’t handle it so I died it ended my streak 😡
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2021.10.17 02:12 mad2_wishyouknew824 lol.

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2021.10.17 02:12 cavio91 SCU perform an excorsism for GSF

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2021.10.17 02:12 DoggyfizzleNYC 💖🖤💖🖤💖🖤

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2021.10.17 02:12 Stretch_R_mstrong Would you plea guilty for a crime you didn't commit for a lesser sentence?

You stumble upon a crime scene without even realizing it's a crime scene until the cops show up to arrest you. The person actually behind the crime went above and beyond to show without a shadow of a doubt that you were the culprit.
If you plea not guilty, you get 10-15 years in prison, but if you plea guilty, you get 5-10 years with a chance of parole. Do you say you were guilty and spend potentially less time in prison, or do you stick to not guilty and hope they catch the bastard?
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2021.10.17 02:12 Kitsch1-PS4 Whats your favourite food?

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